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Monday, October 19, 2009

I was one busy girl this weekend! Friday night I came home from work and made Shabbat dinner for the fiancé and me. It’s been so cold here (It hasn’t been out of the 40s in days), so I thought I’d make something warm and comforting. I found a chicken casserole recipe, made some changes, and it turned out pretty well. The fiancé makes fun of me because most nights he comes home for dinner to me saying, “I couldn’t find a recipe I liked, so I just made one up. We’ll see how it turns out.” Probably not the most comforting thing to hear before dinner, but he seems to trust me! Fiance says I should start writing my creations down, but I usually make them up as I go so I’m not sure how it would turn out.

Ignore the Southwestern themed plates/silverware! I can’t wait to get different ones, but fiancé wants to wait and see if we get any from our registry before I go buy anything. I won’t even put placemats on the table because nothing I like would look good with those.

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to attend a ropes course with my Junior League provisional class. I didn’t really know what to expect, and even though it was super cold and windy it was so much fun! I spent literally the rest of my Saturday hand addressing wedding invitations. I feel very strongly about the importance of hand addressing invitations, but after all that writing on Saturday I was beginning to wonder why. We aren’t even having a large wedding (about 130 guests), so I can’t imagine how long this would take if we were inviting more people!

I took a break from weekly cleaning on Sunday to read the November issue of REAL SIMPLE, one of my all time favorite magazines, and here are a few of my finds:

Matte Nail Polish. I’ve been so bored with all my polish colors lately so it’s definitely time for something new. I am obsessed with dark plum purple and I think it would be fun in a matte.

Classic riding boots. I have brown Arturo Chang riding boots that I love, but recently I’ve been looking everywhere, with no luck, for black riding boots. There are several pages with promising potentials! I especially love the pair of Miz Mooz boots that laces up the back. I am all about anything with Victorian inspiration and these definitely have it. I've never tried this brand though, so I'm not sure.

I was shocked by the list called “Things you thought could go in the dishwasher, but really shouldn’t.” Items included: cast iron, formal dishes, good knives, and crystal glasses. Who in their right mind ever thought it was okay to put any of these things in the dishwasher?!


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  1. Your dinner looks amazing!!

    I'm obsessed with equestrian boots. I think they're timeless.




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