Great Trick For Slipcovers

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I recently found a wonderfully easy way to keep slipcovers in place. I felt like everyday I was readjusting the slip cover on our couch and as soon as The Poe Cat got on it was messed up again. Every place I looked told me to use upholstery pins, but I just done like that idea. They might tear the cover and I was afraid The Poe Cat might somehow get a hold of them and hurt himself.

I finally found a much better suggestion! After putting the slipcover in place and tucking it in I placed rolled up magazines (secured with rubber bands) between the cushions and the back of the couch. The magazines hold the slipcover in place and I hardly have to make adjustments anymore. It’s such an easy fix and creates a use for all those old magazines I felt guilty about throwing out (but didn’t know where to recycle). It definitely works!

I’m going to look for more good organizing and decorating tips this weekend. My fiancĂ© is a second year medical student in the middle of a week and a half of midterms so I will definitely have lots of free time!


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