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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Diorshow Blackout Mascara. My absolute favorite mascara (and I have tried tons of them). The blackout color (099) is definitely darker than the regular black (090), but I still use it for everyday wear.

Lilly Pulitzer Resort. I am so obsessed! My favorite (if I had to pick just one) is the Worth Shift in Not So Crabby. Love all the green and the super cute pattern. I can't wait to purchase and wear this one. Now, if only it wasn't almost November in Virginia...

(pic from corrico.com)

Fun Etiquette Books. My current read? How to Live Like a Lady by Sarah Tomczak. I picked this up during a late night Barnes and Noble run with the fiance (He said he needed some medical book, but I think it was just an excuse to go there. He loves BN!) So far I've only read the introduction, but this little book looks like a lot of etiquette fun! More about this to come...

(pic from bn.com)

Anthropologie Lake Cake Stand. I love baking and decorating cakes (especially around the holidays) and they just look even more fun and festive on top of a great cake stand.

Anthropologie Octagon Cup and Saucer. I so love a beautiful cup and saucer! It just makes having a cup of tea so much more glamorous. This comes in several colors, but my faves are the green and blue. They have such a fun vintage feel...and you know I love some vintage inspiration!

(both pics from anthropologie.com)

Being Fashionably Late. Ok, so I must admit this is only on my mind because it seems to be the current story of my life. It seems like no matter what I do I'm a few minutes late wherever I go! I won't leave the house until I'm satisfied with my outfit and I can be very indecisive! Fiance hates being late so I know this drives him crazy. I'm trying to work on it, but so far haven't been very successful. Suggestions? Anyone else have this problem?



  1. That is my favorite mascara, too! The Lilly Resort is so cute! I wish it wasn't getting cold here, too, because I already want some of it. And, I'm going to have to get that book because I love reading books about etiquette and manners.

  2. Love your favorites!! I know you are having fun being a bride! It just gets better & better!

  3. I don't even want to think about how much money I could drop in Anthro!



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