Weekend Shopping Trip

Monday, October 26, 2009

I can't believe the weekend is already gone! On Saturday several friends and I went on a fabulous shopping trip. Here's a perfect example of the shopping situation in town: When I told my tailor I would have to send the fiance to pick up a top on Saturday because I was going shopping her husband turned, looking quite concerned, and said "You're not shopping in town, right?" Obviously, there's no good shopping here and our trip was much needed (especially for sweaters since they aren't as necessary in Florida). Here are a few of my purchases:

Warm, comfy cashmere from J. Crew

Love J. Crew half-zips on the fiance

Super cute Tahari pumps

As I was putting away laundry (and all my new purchases) on Sunday, I realized I just need more room for all my clothes. Clearly my wardrobe, dresser, two closets, and the multitude of other places I've found to store my clothes are just not enough. Then I've got to think about shoes...Anyone else with this problem?

Tomorrow I'm going back to the Lilly store to get my dress tailored and buy my cardigan. So excited to see Resort in person! I already love it.


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  1. I want to see the Lilly resort in person, too. You got some really cute things! I definitely want to pick up some J.Crew cashmere this season.



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