The Battle of the Cat Hair

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Any other pet parents feel like they are constantly battling to keep their home free of pet hair?! It's everywhere! I swiffer/vacuum everyday, but what about all the other surfaces? The Poe Cat (like all other cats I'm sure) likes to climb around and sit on just about any surface he can find...leaving a trail of cat hairs as he goes. I've discovered two fabulous products recently that I think are actually making a difference: the Pledge Fabric Sweeper and the bamboo Furbuster brush. Poe Cat is so cute when I brush him...he purrs and rubs his face on anything nearby.

Last night, after attempting to remove the daily collection of Poe hair from the house, I decided to do a little quick jewelry making. I love the cut of these glass beads...and I'm so into anything that sparkles! I'm not sure about the ribbon though, it's a little unruly.

I still need a pink necklace to wear with one of my dresses, so I made this one. I'm not sure if I'll end of wearing it though. I usually go for something that's a little bigger overall, but I felt with the big pink pendant (glass or CZ...I can't remember which) adding too much might look tacky. I just stuck with the two tiny rose colored swarovski crystals.

I'm so into gray this fall and I love these shell beads!

1 comment:

  1. I love your necklaces! And I am racing out to Target tonight to pick up the Pledge thing. I use this and it works okay.



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