Shoes and More Shopping

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I've been on a serious hunt lately for shoes to go with all my pre-wedding event dresses. Sure, I already have shoes that would go with them - but I'm such a shoe addict. Why pass up the chance to buy more? (Not that I ever really need a reason.) I am making jewelry to go with each dress, but I want to see the dress with the shoes before deciding on jewelry. Last night, I finally found silver pumps! (One of the colors I'm searching for.) I wanted some almost obnoxiously silver shoes, but was having such a hard time finding them. I so did not want the usual strappy silver shoe and that color can either look really fabulous or incredibly cheap. The latter, of course, is just not ok! Luckily, I found these great looking heels on Zappos last night! I hope they look as fabulous in person.

After ordering the shoes I decided to go ahead and make the bracelet to go with them. (No necklace because of the neckline of the dress.) Nothing too crazy, just silver pearls and a few swarovski crystals.I still need some bright pink heels. Same problem again with the color though - it's just so hard to tell how they will look in person when I'm staring at them on my computer! I also need a pair of black statement shoes for my going away dress. Any suggestions?

My shopping continued with a little lunchtime sale shopping at Anthro today. (New markdowns!) I bought the Revere Blouse and the Slant-Striped Sweater. I am in love with all the long sweaters out now, but for my height/size they kind of overwhelm me. I think this might be as close as I can get to a sweater coat!


  1. Love the shoes and the sweater! That bracelet is absolutely gorge! Amazing that you made it!!


  2. I love your bracelet! How did you learn how to make your jewelry? Do you have an online shop? I want to see more! ;-)

  3. Love your bracelet!! Too cute!! When I need to find shoes/ dresses that are a certain color I always use, maybe that will help on your hunt :)

  4. LOVE the shoes, and the bracelet!!! Isn't Zappos the best :)



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