Shooties: A New Fave

Monday, November 9, 2009

My first opinion of booties was not a nice one – I thought they were some of the ugliest things I’d ever seen. Especially since I am petite, I thought they would cut my leg line off at the ankle and not create the look of longer legs that I am constantly trying to achieve. (I’m always trying to look taller than I actually am!) I must now admit that I am definitely warming up to them and a couple months ago I thought bought my first pair – Maxstudio Xplore. These seem like more of a shoe/bootie hybrid than just a bootie and I absolutely love them!

I decided the hybrid was perfect for me and that I must purchase more…I just had to find them! Well, while I was in the airport this weekend I picked up a copy of the new Lucky issue (can’t travel without at least one shopping/fashion magazine) and what did I find…an article on shooties: a shoe/bootie hybrid! Fabulous! I was so excited that there were others out there also looking for the hybrid. (I showed the fiancé, but for some reason he was just not as thrilled as I thought he should be!) There are so many cute pairs. I can’t wait to purchase some of them. My favorites are Alexandria from Coach.

Anyone else in love with shooties?


  1. Yours are very cute! I love shooties, but I'm still searching for the perfect color, style, etc. I love yours!

  2. Those are both so cute! I agree with you....booties are hard to pull off, glad to see there's an in between option!



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