Busy Week and Getting Excited for Spain

Thursday, December 3, 2009

With the wedding practically around the corner there is so much for me to do! Between work, finalizing last minute wedding details, trying to find time to decorate for the holidays, and starting to think about honeymoon packing I hardly even have time to sleep. I feel like I’ve been all over the place lately! I finished all my shower thank you notes on Monday, but I kept forgetting to mail them until this morning (when I forgot again, but remembered just as I was leaving for work so I ran back in to get them).

After about an hour of work this morning I decided to take half a day off today and spend some much needed time getting wedding stuff done. I have a provisional/sustainer Junior League social and cookie swap tonight so there is just no way I would have been able to finish everything if I stayed at work until five! Luckily, I had time last night and I made cute Hanukkah cookies to take to JL so I didn’t have to worry about that today.

I’ve gotten so much accomplished in just a few hours at home today! One huge thing to cross off my list is sending our band a song list. I’m so happy to have that finished! Well, almost finished because I still don’t know what songs to use for the bouquet/garter toss. I just don’t want anything cheesy, but I don’t really know what kind of song would go there. Any suggestions? What songs did y’all use for those?

I’m also in the process of working on the seating chart for the reception. I feel like I’ve read a lot online about this being stressful, but I actually think it’s kind of fun. It’s like a puzzle. (Odd, I know...probably the same reason I’m an accountant.) I think I have spreadsheets for just about everything wedding-related. Right now I’m working on one for honeymoon packing. I have no idea when I should start this, or if I already should have started! Does anyone know?

Fiance and I are going to Spain for our honeymoon and I’m getting so excited! We are staying in a hotel that has gotten fabulous reviews everywhere we’ve looked. It is an old 18th century manor house that has been completely redone into a 14 room hotel. (Obviously I really love old restored buildings – with all the modern conveniences) They have some cool services, like a library, laptops with internet access available for guests to check out, and a collection of classical music CDs that guests can also check out. Here are some pictures from their website.

Rooftop terrace

Sitting area in the lobby (I think)

One of the rooms. They all look different, but I just think this one looks so different and romantic.

Wedding Countdown: 24 Days


  1. Cute cookies!!

    We didn't do a bouquet or garter toss- for all my questions like that, I searched weddingbee.com- there's some pretty good suggestions on their boards! (some stuff you kinda have to just ignore, but for the most part it seems like a higher class community then some of the other wedding sites...)

    Spain looks super fun :)

  2. Your honeymoon is going to be amazing...that room...wow!!

  3. The Spanish Hotel looks amazing! Cant wait to see pictures :)

  4. I LOVE the Hanukkah cookies!

    Always delighted to hear that a fellow MOT is in JL. I have my new member orientation tonight. Ah!!!



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