It's Getting So Close!

Monday, December 14, 2009

I cannot believe it's already Monday! After my shopping excursion on Saturday I spent Sunday catching up on laundry (and then doing all the ironing I created from doing laundry). I got it all finished, so now I can start packing for the honeymoon. I'm leaving for Florida on Saturday and I want to have our honeymoon bags packed and ready to go so I don't have to think about them next week!

I'm so excited to get to my parents' house and finally see our ketubah! I spent months searching for what I wanted (simple, pretty, and definitely nothing overdone or too ornate) with no luck at all. Finally, I stumbled across an artist, jenniferraichman, on that had exactly what I wanted. This is a sample picture of the ketubah design we chose from her etsy page.

We are using different text that what's in the picture and instead of six lines at the bottom ours only has five - 2 on top for Nicholas and me and 3 on the bottom for our two witnesses and the rabbi. It would forever drive me crazy if we had three witness lines and one of them was blank!

I still need shoes for my going away dress! I don't know why I've waited until the last minute to do some of these things...I just haven't been able to make up my mind about what I want. This is the dress I'm wearing (from Anthropologie).

We're going to the airport directly from the reception so I'm thinking pumps - definitely nothing too strappy. My problem is what color! At first I was thinking just something black (but fun)...but then I thought maybe purple (my sister suggested red). I just don't know!

These Franco Sarto pumps come in both red and purple on (which I totally love). They're really pretty, but just not incredibly fun! Has anyone seen any fun pumps lately that would go with this dress? Should I go with a bright color or something more traditional/classic?

Wedding Countdown: 13 Days


  1. Congratulations!! I personally like the red heels.

  2. Ooohhhh...I do like the red as well :)

    Unfortunately I have been on a shopping hiatus, and therefore haven't a clue where anything cute is residing at the moment. However, I'm sure there MUST be something cute online. Have you checked Zappos? Don't that have free next day shipping too?



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