My Vintage Inspired Wedding

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The fiancé and I are getting married on December 27th so it is now officially my wedding month! My idea for the wedding was for it to have a somewhat vintage feel, but simple and not overdone. This is an inspiration board I made for the wedding. I can’t remember where all the pictures are from, but I think most of them are from the knot and The chandelier is from Horchow (love that website).

I saw the necklace on and fell in love with it. The designer is luxedeluxe and I will be wearing it on my wedding day! As you can probably tell, green is my main color. I'm wearing green shoes and our cake will also be green! (Somewhat similar to the middle cake in the picture.) I am obsessed with the picture of the couple kissing beneath the lace and used that as an inspiration for our chuppah.

The place we’re getting married is an old Victorian Home that’s been converted into a restaurant that caters to weddings and events. It’s recently been completely redone and it’s so perfect for what I imagined. I am obsessed with the ballroom! It’s just so absolutely gorgeous. Here is a picture of the ballroom from their website (doesn’t even come close to doing it justice).

We are also holding the rehearsal dinner there. Here are pictures from their website of two rooms we will most likely be using.

Wedding Countdown: 26 Days


  1. Best wishes :)

    I had the same picture of the green cakes in my inspiration binder!! I ended up with green and turquoise polka dotted cupcakes, though. I can't wait to see how yours turns out!

  2. So excited it's going to be beautiful!

  3. Looks so pretty! I love that you're using green, it's my favorite color! Are those your actual shoes in the picture? Amazing! I love the cakes, too.

  4. That necklace is stunning. What a find!

  5. Wow! I love your inspiration, and the house looks gorgeous from the picture. I can't wait to see pics of your wedding :) I know you must be getting excited!!!!



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