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Monday, January 25, 2010

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! Mine was very productive. On Saturday the husband and I went to look at an apartment we are considering (we're moving this summer - finally)! We also looked at a townhouse Friday afternoon that I really like. One demand I have for our new place...it must have more closets! We have a serious lack of closet space at our current apartment and between my ever expanding wardrobe and my obsession with organizing it's constantly driving me crazy!

After apartment hunting we ran a few errands and came upon a great find in the clearance section at Bed Bath and Beyond...the Menorah Mate! It's a mat you place under your Hanukkah menorah so the wax doesn't ruin anything when it drips. It also has all three blessings for Hanukkah printed on it in Hebrew, the transliteration, and English!

Here's a picture I found on their website (yes...there is a menorahmate.com...)

On Sunday the husband was busy studying away for the USMLE (he takes it in April) so I had plenty of time to get things done around our home. I got caught up on laundry, did a little organizing, and rearranged the furniture in our dining room! I am constantly rearranging or redecorating our home and trying to find even more ways to organize. (I am definitely an organizing junkie)

Our dining room has the unfortunate trait of also being our entryway. If we're not careful mail, keys, gloves, and all sorts of things can easily clutter it up. I needed a little inspiration for fixing this problem so I turned to the internet (more specifically to marthastewart.com).

(Not sure why it's necessary for us to have four different locks on our door...)

The three magazine holders are for sorting mail and the green bowl is for keys or other small things that might accumulate - like the little piles of change my husband leaves in several places around the house when he empties out his pockets... The green bin is for larger items that don't have a home (like umbrellas) and anything that is sitting around and needs to be put away. I put magazines and catalogs that need to be recycled in the blue bin. What do you do with old magazines/catalogs? I feel terrible throwing them out, but since we have to drop off our recycling I don't want them piling up until I decide to take them.

I also moved our dining room table from the center of the room to diagonally towards one corner. The room is still a little bland looking, but I think it's because the walls are white! I think the reason I'm constantly redecorating here is because we can't paint the walls and I need more color. I guess I shouldn't worry about it too much since we're moving in a few months and painting is a must at our next place!

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  1. For old magazines, I let them pile up a little bit and then rip off my address and take them to the Emergency Room of the hospital near by. It gives people something to read while they are waiting on loved ones.



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