Haircut Opinions Please!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I'm having a hair dilemma and I'm in need of opinions! Right now my hair is long (I needed it long for the wedding), but I'm getting really bored with it. I always think I want long hair so I can do fun things like curling it, but I can't remember the last time I did anything with my hair besides wear it down and straight! I also kind of think long hair might not necessarily be the best look for me. The husband is no help at all. When I ask him his opinion he just says he likes it both ways! (Which is nice I suppose, but I actually want his opinion).

I'm not really a fan of posting unflattering pictures of myself, but this is what I'm afraid of my hair looking like again if I don't cut it. It's not horrible, but definitely not fabulous either!

Here's a picture of my hair the last time I cut it. I'm considering cutting it like this again, but I just can't make up my mind! One problem with this length is that I can't remember if it was long enough to pull it all back.

I can't decide if I want to go that short again. If I don't go that short, I'm thinking more like my sorority sister's hair on the left of this picture. Sometimes I think this length is difficult to style because all it wants to do is flip off my shoulders.

Opinions or hair advice please! I am so indecisive. I have a hair appointment on Friday so I've got to decide before then! It's looking like quite a snowy week here in Virginia so hopefully we won't be snowed in by then!


  1. "I don't like to post unflattering pictures of my self blah blah blah!" you look GREAT in the first picture!! And I have always been a fan of long hair, maybe instead of playing with length you could get bangs or color it? I don't like over-dying..and I've never died mine, but it's something new! I can't wait to see what you decide! xxm(ps- be sure you ask @prettyinpinkmeg because she knows of some website where you can upload a pic and play with different cuts! fun stuff!)

  2. I love the cut in the middle picture. But then again my hair has never been longer than my shoulders. :-)

  3. You are just the cutest thing.

  4. has this this virtual makeover gadget on the site where you can upload your picture and use it for free. I'm actually getting my hair cut today and found a style that looked great using it. I highly recommend it.

    Oh, and you look fabulous in all of your pictures, btw :)

  5. I love the shorter look on you! I wish a short haircut would look cute on me. I have long hair and it ends up looking some limp by the end of the work day. I do like to curl it sometimes though! Go with whatever you feel the best with.



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