Remedy for a Dreary Day: Running and Lilly

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Thank you all for your advice and support regarding my last post!

I ran with nike plus again today. I just can’t get over how much fun it is! After looking at my run online I realized I am not so great at keeping a steady pace. Any tips/advice? My run (here) practically looks like a mountain range with all its ups and downs. After running I was ravenous so I think my theory about it increasing my appetite might actually turn out to be true. I definitely don’t want to lose any weight though so I supplemented the calories I burnt with a chocolate boost. I honestly think these might be for elderly people who need nutrition but don’t have much of an appetite, but I try to keep them on hand anyways because they’re a great way to add extra nutrients and calories to my day.

We have been having pretty dreary weather here lately so I took a much needed mood brightening trip to the Pink Palm (our Lilly Pulitzer via store) today! The tailor met me there so I could have him take in my Pandamonium skirt, the Del Mar dress, and a pair of Palm Beach crop flare pants (having the ‘flare’ removed). I can’t wait until he’s finished with them! So after I finished with the tailor one of the women who works there (also named Emily) pulled out this darling white denim skirt from the minnies section. She said she saw it and thought it might actually fit me. Quite embarrassing to admit, but it really looked like it might so I tried it on (and it did)! Don’t worry - I am not planning on making shopping in the kids section a regular activity...

I love the detail on the back pockets.

One of my favorite’s a skort! There are little knit shorts underneath (which I kind of think is a fabulous addition to a white skirt).

One more recent preppy purchase to share. I purchased this fabulous Molly B toile skirt on ebay and it arrived yesterday! Pink and green toile with a grosgrain ribbon...can it get much better?

I love Molly B, but I have such a difficult time finding it! We have one store in town that carries it, but they don't have very much. Does anyone know of anywhere online that carries Molly B?


  1. Cute skirts. I don't know anything about the brand Molly B, so sorry I can't help.

    I think it's great you've picked up running (just read your last couple of posts, too). I wish I could run but I have horrible knees.

    Just curious, have you thought about seeing a nutritionist about your weight concerns? I've been encouraging my sister, who is 5'9" and about 115 pounds, to do the same. She has the same kinds of problems--clothes that never seem to fit and people constantly making comments about her weight. It's funny how people seem to think it's okay to comment on how lean/thin a person is when it can truly be just as hurtful. Commenting on a person's body weight is never okay. I think you look beautiful in all of your pictures.

    Keep us posted on how the running is going!

  2. Love, love, love skorts. Sometimes I tell myself that are like so 1995, or whatever, but seriously! Funcionability (is that a word?) wise they are great. And, wonderful for a lining in a white skirt for sure :)

    I also adore Molly B, and we have a shop here that only has 2 or 3 things every time I go in. I haven't a clue where there is an online shop, but surely there is?!?!? I've googled before, and it looks like individual little shops sell a thing or two as well.



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