Still Snowing and A Couple Nerdy Confessions

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ok friends, I'm starting to really go stir crazy being stuck at home with all this snow! Today was the 5th day in a row of being trapped at home and it's now snowing again! I'm seriously starting to wonder if the sky comes in a color besides grey...

I have two nerdy obsessions that have been keeping me occupied: Bewitched and the Sims 3!

I always loved when Bewitched came on Nick at Nite (does that still exist?) when I was younger and when I saw season 1 on DVD several years ago I had to purchase it! I now own all eight seasons of Bewitched and for whatever reason I just never get sick of watching it. This might make me sound like a prude, but I love that it's so wholesome! I just adore how the characters are always proper, appropriate, and everyone seems so conservative. (Appropriate for the 1960s I mean...there are tons of hilariously not PC comments like when people see something they think is a hallucination they always say something about having too much alcohol or needing a tranquilizer pill...)

I also think the characters' clothing is fabulous. I love seeing men in suits, ties, and hats I wish women still wore gloves! There were so many more options for accessorizing!

I am addicted to the Sims 3 (even worse confession...I also have the expansion pack)! I honestly think my favorite part of the Sims is creating fun outfits and decorating their houses! I have the attention span of a kindergarten child (no offense to kindergateners) and I love that there are so many different things to do in the game. Especially with the expansion can take them on vacations. Who doesn't love a good vacation?

I also really have fun picking out their names! I love names and even though I do not want children anytime soon I am always on the lookout for beautiful names. I adore lovely, old names. Here are my faves:



Does anyone else like Bewitched or the Sims? What are you favorite names?


  1. I can't say much about the other two but I am a names girl! I LOVE yours! Kids have such weird names these days, I am all about classic. I like Jamison and Palmer for boys and Anna and Caroline for girls! xoe

  2. I love Bewitched too! I agree, there's something so wonderful about the conservative and wholesome nature of the show. I am also guilty of being a Sims person. It's just such a fun way to kill time.

    I hope you stop being snowed in soon!!


  3. I used to love watching Bewitched and The Munsters on Nick at Night. My husband and I were just talking about how sad it is that they don't show those old shows any more. I have great memories of watching Flipper and Gilligan's Island with my dad!

    I'm totally stuck on thinking of dog names since we will likely be getting another one soon, so these are my favorite Dalmatian names: Violet, Gatsby, Truman and Evangeline. (Ok, Evangeline might actually be more for a future daughter, and I love Lucienne, with Lucy for short!).

    Email me about any questions you might have about putting your wedding album together- I could probably write a novel! (

  4. I used to LOVE LOVE the Sims. And I loved having babies and naming them. So fun!!

  5. I love the name Blake for a girl or boy, and my friend just named her lil girl Brooklyn, I think that's cute. Not thinking about kids names anytime soon, though we are gonna get a (nother) furry child soon here and Joe is insisting on naming him "Homey" ... I will NOT let this happen. We shall see..

  6. My roommate is obsessed with The Sims. He is constantly on his computer building new homes and creating new families. He goes so far as to create blueprints for the houses while he's at work. He says it keeps him from spending money in real life. I think he's crazy, but in a good way :)

    I noticed you have a black cat back when I first started following :) Poe is a cute name.

  7. Not geeky...So stinkin cute! :)

    I haven't played SIMS in a while but I LOVE baby names. Current faves are Savannah Grace for a girl and Hayes Christopher for a boy.

    I do agree with you that classic names are bestest! Stay warm and hope we both don't get too much more snow!! XOOXO

  8. hahah girl you're hilarious!! and don't worry...i once leapt up from the middle of a meal because i realized that i had forgotten to feed my ring tailed lemurs in zoo tycoon, so i understand the draw of a good computer game :) so true about bewitched, too - that's why i like watching the disney channel!

  9. Bewitched is one of my favorite shows! My kids gave me the Sims for Christmas. I haven't had time to play yet. They think I will love it. I can't wait to give it a go! This snowstorm might be my chance. It sounds like fun. Beautiful name choices!

  10. I have missed that Bewitched sooo much! I LOVED it when I was younger. I had no idea it was on dvd. Oh gosh, I might need it. btw Harrison is such an adorable name! My favorite is Jordan... boy or girl



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