A Change of Address

Thursday, March 4, 2010

So last night I decided to change the email address connected to my blog. I don't like using the email I originally used to create it...not sure why but it bothers me that my blog and twitter don't use the same email. The only way I could figure out to do this (without moving my blog) was to add my other email address as a 'team' member of my blog and then remove it later. Anyways...that means my google friend connect (for following all your fabulous blogs) is under my old email So don't be surprised when I become a new follower of your blog...even if I've been following for awhile!

The email address under my about me page is the one I'll be using from now on: notwithoutheels@gmail.com

How cute are these moving announcements?

(both pictures from tinyprints.com)

In other change of address news...the husband and I finally decided on where we will be moving this summer! Not sure if I've complained about our current apartment here, but I'll give you a quick rundown of my grievances...

1. We live in the middle of undergrad central. The loud late night parties would be great if we were undergrads, but since we're not...

2. Our apartment is pretty small (1 bed/1bath) and we have serious storage issues (AKA in our entire apartment there are only two closets)! So not okay! I have my clothes in a wardrobe, a dresser, both closets, my nightstand, and several storage bins. There still isn't enough space for everything!

We are moving into a two year old 3 bed/3 bath townhouse. I'm already planning how I will organize it! The best part - we will be living right next door to two of our friends (who are getting married in April). We aren't moving until the middle of June, but I'm already so excited I can hardly stand it!

What do y'all think about moving announcements? Do you (would you) send them out?


  1. Ooooohhhh YAY! So excited for your move... and love your town house. I love a townhouse layout way more than an apartment layout! Can't wait to see pictures!

  2. That is so great about your move! And yes, I love the idea of moving announcements, we sent some out when we moved a few years ago and I think people really appreciated it...plus, who doesn't LOVE picking out fun paper products?!

  3. Those are cute!! I love the idea of moving announcements. We cheated and combined ours with our Christmas cards this year.

  4. I think you guys definitely need to send moving announcements! Those are cute! AND I feel your pain about storage- I have the smallest closet- it drives me nuts!!

  5. First let me just say that I saw I had an extra follower, and I thought.."boy, she sure does look a lot like Emily!" hahaha....

    Excited for you about your move, and yes, I would send out notification cards. I think it's so nice and personal, rather than a mass e-mail to friends & family.



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