Fashion Friday: Fun Fixes for an Accessorizing Rut

Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday! I don't know about y'all but this has been one long week! (Ok, that might be because I have a WHOLE week off work next week for Spring break and I've basically been living for the weekend since Monday...) I'm not sure if it's this transition between seasons, but I feel like I've been in an accessorizing rut lately! I've realized that I wear either my pearl studs or my silver ball studs every day! It's getting quite I did a little online searching and found some fabulous options for switching it up a bit!

Anthropologie Sea Petal Earrings

Anthropologie Delicate Greens Posts

Anthropologie Drops-Of-Night Posts

Anthropologie Buttercup Posts

Juicy Couture Peacock Studs

GB Couture by Emily and Ashley Leather Flower Earrings
(I love these...they are kind of BA!)

What are some of your favorite places to shop for earrings?


  1. Those are all so adorable. I am in the same rut as you though. I wear balls, pearls or diamond studs everyday. Kate Spade makes some fun earrings!

  2. I usually stick with my Miki's but when I do branch out, I definitely go with Anthro. Also, Sonya Renee jewelry is TDF! My hubby ordered my anniversary gift from here - I wear it practically everyday! Her craftmanship is impecciable, not the cheesy, poor quality homemade stuff that SO many try to sell. And lastly, I purchased a pair of gorgeous dangle earrings that I saw Taylor Swift wearing from - check them out :) Hope you're having a fantastic day!

  3. These are precious!! I am just like you...pearl studs or diamond studs. BORING! But i takes such little effort when getting dressed and accessorizing :)

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. These are darling! I especially love the peacock and sea petal pairs! I also should expand my collection of studs--and one of these may be a great way to do so! ;)

  5. Oh those little peacocks make me smile! I am 9/10 times wearing my Tiffany pearls or my gold Elsa Perreti Tiffany hearts. Just made me realize I need to probably change it up a bit! I usually wear fun earrings to date night or parties. Fun hoops or long dangling earrings that I can't get away with in my corporate world! LOL Happy weekend darling!

  6. So pretty!!! I wish I had my ears pierced sometimes... like right now when I see these beautiful earrings.

  7. Thrilled to have found you via Lady Bloggers! Finally, a blog that speaks to me! (you are speaking to me, right?!)
    One of my fave places to find really great accessories is at Anthropologie. I could spend all of my life in that place!

  8. Hey there, I'm stopping by from Lady Bloggers Tea Party. I totally believe in the holy trinity of shopping (shoes, handbags, and accessories) so decided today I'd check out your blog. Fun! I love the anthropology earrings. One of my favorite places to get jewelry period is Swarovski. I went in there one day with my mom while she was buying (what I thought at the time were) those silly little crystal figurines, and I found a world of beautiful accessories. WOW! It's not cheap but some of those pieces are my staples. And I've never worn them without getting at least 3 compliments (even if just wearing them to the grocery store).

  9. You definitely found some treasures, I love the Anthropologie designs the most. :)

    Hope you have a splendid week!

  10. Very cute! I love the Anthropologie ones and the peacocks are so cute too. Kate Spade also has some great earrings, and some are pretty inexpensive :)

  11. I'm quite obsessed with Anthropologie's earrings. Those peacock earrings above are so cute!



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