Fashion Friday: Pink and Green Spring

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Friday! Fabulous Trish from Pink Preppy Lilly Lover has started Pink and Green Thursdays (which I totally wanted to play along with yesterday, but didn't have time), so I decided today's Fashion Friday post would be pink and green! Pink and green are my absolute favorite colors to wear, especially in the spring. They're just so bright and cheerful and always make me happy! Here are some of the lovely pink and green items I'm currently obsessing over!

J. McLaughlin Harbor Dress

Boden Bow Cardigan

Boden Printed Cotton Top

johnnie b (from Boden) Bandeau Bikini - I'm really looking for a vintage-y one piece right now, but this bikini is adorable.

johnnie b (from Boden) Stripe Woven Skirt - looks a little short (since it's supposed to be for teens), but it's just so cute!

Sketched Danios Dress from Anthropologie

Corset-Cinched One-Piece from Anthropologie

Lilly Pulitzer Del Mar Dress Solid - I have this dress in the Aquamarine Seeing Things print and love it!

Lilly Pulitzer Large Golden Basket

Lilly Pulitzer Petra Dress - What do y'all think of maxi dresses? Last year I was very anti-maxi dresses (on myself) because I thought I was too short for them (I'm 5'3"...okay probably more like 5'2" but I round up), but recently for some reason I'm thinking maybe it wouldn't look so bad! I can't decide! Opinions? What do y'all think about maxi dresses on shorter girls?

What are your favorite pink and green items out right now?


  1. LOVE your picks!!! I think the bandeau bikini and the maxi dress are my faves!!! I am 5'2" as well and I love wearing the maxi dresses! I admit, it's hard to find them that you can wear flats with...but if you can, it looks just as great as it does on taller girls!!

  2. I completely agree that maxi dresses can be precious on shorter girls!! I am quite tall, but most of my girlfriends are not. They wore them all of last summer and looked great. GO FOR IT:)

  3. I love that first and last dress!!!! (actually I love it it all) I say you can totally pull off the Maxi dress, especially that one- so cute.

  4. I love ALL of this!!!! :) I'm your new follower!

  5. oh my, oh my! that sweet bow cardigan is a must!! and i love the long lilly! i think the maxi is such a popular style now it doesnt matter how tall you are to wear it -- but us shorter girls have to pay closer attention to our heel heights!
    i just love FASHION FRIDAY!!! ;-)



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