Giveaway Winner and Weekend Fun

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Thanks so much for everyone that left a comment and entered my giveaway! I meant to post the winner of my 100 followers A. Tierney bangle giveaway this weekend, but then got completely distracted and decided to redecorate my blog! To select the winner I assigned a number to each comment (just went in order from when you posted your comment) and used the generator from So here it selected comment #4. The winner is Elle from Completely Preppy! (Email your address to me at so I can send out your bracelet!)

This was the last weekend of the husband studying for the USMLE! I am so excited for him to take it on Wednesday I can’t stand it! He's definitely in study non-stop mode, so I had to entertain myself this weekend! On Saturday morning I went to The Pink Palm (our local Lilly via store) to pick up my two tunic dresses and meet with the tailor. You know I've been on the hunt for yellow lately and I fell in love with the Tradewind Vintage Capri in star fruit yellow! Since I can't pull off wearing yellow close to my face, these are a perfect yellow addition to my wardrobe! (Although now I'm thinking I might need them in some other colors too...) Does anyone else love the Tradewind Capri?

Last week I started running again. Remember my posts from February when I was starting to run? Well, my attention span is ridiculously short and even though I really enjoyed running, I quickly forgot about it! I refuse to run with my ipod (I like being able to hear what's going on around me) and I love using my nike+ sportband to track my miles (few as they may be) and pace, but I was not really loving the nike+ website. It seems to take forever to load and it just wasn't giving me the motivation I needed.

Luckily, while I was browsing through my google reader on Saturday, I spotted a post from Emily Elizabeth and The Big Blue Dogs about another running website, dailymile. I immediately checked it out and signed up! I am loving it! I think the layout is way more appealing than nike+ (which I must admit makes the entire site more appealing). You can add workouts, races, and even routes (dailymile will calculate the distance for you!) to your profile. So much fun...and I love that you can find other runners and add friends! Does anyone else use this website? I'm hoping it will keep me motivated on my second try at running! For any runners out there, how do you keep yourself motivated? Any advice?


  1. Congratulations Elle!

    Thanks for the tip on the running website. I am definitely going to check it out!

  2. YAY! Thank you so much I'm tickled pink... hehe

    I love the new blog design...

    As for running motivation, I agree with you I refuse to run with my Ipod, it's more of a distraction and way more hassel than it's worth...

    I sign up for races to stay motivated. Once I pay the entry fee I know I have to keep going... and more than that I try to run them for charity, knowing that other people donated money keeps me encouraged to keep going because it reminds me that other people believe I can do it! and then I blog about it, and tell everyone I know about it so they ask me about it often which also helps keep me motivated... that way if I get out of the habit of running, someone will ask me and then I'll start talking about it and remember how much I love it... And finally the best thing I've done for myself since starting the marathon training program is giving myself enough rest. If you can believe it I only ran 4-5 days a week while training for the half marathon... making myself take rest days, left me in a frame of mind where I was looking forward to my next run, instead of making myself go out and run even if I was sore or worn out... oh and learning how to pace. you can map your runs on the website, it will tell you how many miles your runs are and where each mile is... Your not supposed to go out and run as hard as you can every day (you're actually only supposed to do that once every two weeks or so), so learn what a comfortable but challenging pace is (if you know your heart rate aim for something around60-70% of your heart rate) then hold to that pace for a few workouts... you're still getting all the advantages of running, but you aren't constantly breaking your body down, so physically and mentally you're more refreshed and more able to keep training....

    Phew... that got long... hopefully that helps and keep me updated... also Keri over at The Blue Eyed Runner blog is a great resource for running info... she's really fast, but she's very kind and helpful to us beginning runners! :)

  3. congrats to elle, and to you for getting back to running! I keep buying nike+ shoes, but still haven't gotten the chip to put in the shoes. even if you don't like the site, do you still find it worthwhile?

  4. I know you and Nick will be so relieved when tomorrow is over! I have my fingers crossed for him! I know he will do great :) One step closer to the end of Medical School!!!

    I agree with Elle. Signing up for races keeps me the most motivated. :) We will have to run a big race sometime together!



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