Handwriting Fun!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I found this fun handwriting quiz on Short Southern Momma's blog and had to play along! I love seeing other people's handwriting (is that weird?) and I think it's a shame that many people no longer consider having nice penmanship to be important. Odd side note...I always wanted to be left-handed! I have no idea why, but it just seemed so much cooler than being right-handed!

1. How would you say your letters slope?
Forward - indicates that you are reticent and self-controlled.

2. Are the letters in your words
Fully connected - indicates that you are a social person who likes to talk and meet others.
(Not sure about this one...I am actually pretty introverted!)

3. Between words, do you leave
Narrow spaces(?) - indicates that you are a talkative person, maybe even a busybody!
(Not sure about this one either...I'm pretty quiet until I get to know someone well)

4. How close together are your lines of writing?
Close enough so that the descendants touch the ascendants - indicates that you like to be organized.

5. What color ink did you choose?
Blue black - indicates that you are rational and conservative. You adhere to conventions and traditions.

6. How large was your capital I in the sample?
The same as the other letters...it didn't give me this answer option so I don't know what this one says about me!

7. What do your t bars look like? (The crossbars on your letter t)
Cross the 't' more or less in the middle - indicates that you are not very original but quite responsible. (Haha I kind of feel like I've been insulted!)

8. Does your writing slope
Oops I broke the rules and wrote on lined paper...so I don't know the answer to this one!

9. Which takes the most space vertically in a line of your writing?
The descenders - indicates that you have a tendency to be bossy.

10. How much pressure does your writing show?
Firm and even - indicates that you are a person of strong but rigid will, obstinate but powerful.

Y'all should play along! What does your handwriting say about you?


  1. Wow - your handwriting is beautiful! It looks as perfect as an elementary school teacher who teaches cursive!

  2. I agree with Emily...Beautiful! I love it! I was with you on number 6. Why didn't it give an answer for that one. Thanks so much for playing along!! I love seeing other people handwritting too! xoxo

  3. Great handwriting--I love handwriting so much better than typing myself. I think I may give this a try on my blog. Thanks!

  4. Wow! Love your handwriting, still need to try this! :)

  5. Good penmanship is fast becoming a lost art form. My boys have terrible writing. I think it's because everything is done on a computer. When they took their AP's in high school I had to remind them to write legibly so the people scoring their essays could read them! Yours however, is beautiful. Mom would be proud! ;) xoxo

  6. you have PERFECT cursive!! OMG :)

  7. One of the girls said to me the other day, "Woah you write in cursive? I don't even remember how to do that!" I really wish people appreciated good handwriting more- never underestimate the power of a handwritten letter!



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