On My Mind Monday: Running, Med School, and Preppy Fashion

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm still feeling yucky and haven’t been able to get out for a run in days! So frustrating! Especially since I am still pretty new to running...I’m afraid if I stop for too long it will be like starting from the beginning all over again! I can’t believe how much I've missed it in the past few days and how badly I want to go for a run! I just keep telling myself it wouldn’t be a good run and I would just end up frustrated anyways! How long of a running/working out break do you take when you haven't been feeling 100%?

Today was my husband’s first day of ‘transition week’ before beginning his first rotation (Pediatrics) next Monday! I can’t believe he’s already starting his third year...I’m so excited for him!

(from hubby's white coat ceremony right before starting med school)

It's been sort of a dreary Monday here in Virginia and I was in serious need of a midday pick me up...so I headed over to the Lilly store during lunch. Bright, preppy fashion always cheers me up! I am in love with the Queen of Green print...and since the only thing they had in it so far was the shorts, I tried those on. So adorable...but I just don’t know where I would wear shorts that short (I realize that calling a 3 inch inseam short might make me sound a touch prudish), but I guess I just don't really wear shorts very often. I am obsessing over the dress featured in the newest issue of InStyle!

(I kind of already staked a claim on the 0 at our local store!)

How fabulous is the Queen of Green print in a tote...especially because it has a pink background! Although I am partial to giant-sized bags (and was tempted to get the large tote and carry it as a purse) I realized that was slightly crazy so I'm thinking if I were to buy this it would have to be in the smaller size.

What do y’all think of the Queen of Green print?

On the topic of delightful clothing...have y’all checked out J. McLaughlin recently? I’m loving the Rona Tunic in this fabulous lime/aqua paisley print and the Isabella Skirt!

Lovely piping detail around the pockets and waistband.

What cheers you up on a dreary day?


  1. I love the J McLaughlin tunic - too cute!

  2. I feel you on the 3 inch inseam....I'm having a hard time with worrying that things are too revealing or that I'm too old to wear some styles. That Queen of Green print is too cute!!!

  3. Love it all! I've got my eye on those Ray-Ban aviators in the In Style mag photo. :)

    As far as running goes, some say the sooner you get back out, the better you'll feel. I'd give it a shot soon, and if you still aren't up to it, then rest longer.

  4. Lilly always cheers me up on a rainy day! I also love the Queen of Green print!

  5. That last skirt is beautiful!!!! I love those colors! :)

  6. Love the skirt in the last photo! And congrats to hubby on his first rotation... I can't imagine in two years I'll be starting my first one too... crazy!

    As for running when your sick... they say that if you're symptoms are above the neck, I.E. sore throat, ear ache, runny nose... etc... then you are okay to do some light... very light workouts... like 1/3 of what you normally do at an easy pace (I personally don't do this, if I feel sick I take time off, but they say you can workout lightly if you want to). However, avoid going to the gym if you're feeling sick, because A) you spread your germs to other people, and B) you can pick up so many germs at the gym and your immune system is already fighting one infection.

    If you have a fever don't run, it's really bad for your heart and can cause permanent damage.

    And if your symptoms are below the neck, aches and pains, chest congestion, stomach pains, upset stomach, etc... don't run.

    And the final rule that I abide by, is give yourself one extra day... i.e. if you wake up and feel fine on Tuesday, make yourself wait it out and don't run until Wednesday...

    Overall, if you go back too soon, and work too hard at the beginning your just going to keep yourself sicker longer.

    And to answer you concern about losing your fitness level... they say it takes about two weeks to really see a difference, but that after the first few workouts back you quickly recover what you've lost...

    I just had to take three weeks off for bronchitis, and I do feel a difference, part of that is because my breathing still isn't quite normal, and part of that is because in the past three weeks it went from being 70 to 90 in Texas... my first few runs back were hard, but after those first few everything felt normal again....

  7. Yes, we need to start playing Backgammon. Thanks for the tip!

  8. Hello! I just found you through a mutual follower. Kept seeing your title in people's blogrolls, and thought, "I've gotta go check this 'If I Can't Wear Heels' girl out"! Had such a fun visit here. We have some interests in common to be sure - oh and I live in VA too! Hope you're having a wonderful Tuesday - it was so nice to meet you :-) ~Kristin from Windy Poplars

  9. Hey girl! Hope you are feeling better! Loving that picture of you and your hubby! Y'all are such a cute couple! You totally just made me want to shop.shop.shop! {haha} xoxo

  10. I haven't been able to work out in about 2 months b/c of my back. feeling really out of shape. I'm sure once you start again you'll get right back into the swing of things.

    I'd love to pick your brain someday about med school & marriage. I always get so sad when I think of trying to do med school, but fall in love and have a family too

  11. Hey cutie, love the picture of you and your hubby, you really make a cute couple. I am all about the Queen of Green print, it is too cute! I have the print in the recycleable tote but now I NEED those cute little shorts. The canvas tote is so cute but Matt says I am on tote smackdown, no more for a while! LOL I need to check out those J McLaughlin items...really sweet prints!

  12. Sorry you are still feeling under the weahter! I hope you get better soon.

    So exciting for Nick! Tell him good luck with Peds.

  13. I know exactly what you mean about missing running/working out. I usually try to take a day or two off when I'm not feeling well, but I'm always itching to get back to it and sometimes it even makes me feel better.

    That's awesome that your husband is starting his 3rd year of medical school! I met my husband when he was in his 3rd year of medical school and now he's going into the 2nd year (and last, hooray!) of his fellowship for transplant surgery. Wow, it's been a long road but it'll pay off in the end. I can't wait until he's done and we can have more time together.




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