Target Trip: Fashion Finds and Pharmacy Cures

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I know I’ve been complaining about feeling yucky for nearly a week now, so when I woke up this morning and my whole face/head hurt I decided it was time to go to the doctor. Turns out I have a sinus infection...not fun! After a trip to the Target pharmacy with my prescriptions and a couple the doctor told me to purchase here’s what I came home with:

Not the most exciting of Target trips, but I must say their pharmacy is excellent! I’ve had such terrible luck with pharmacies here...the worst of which being CVS. I used to get prescriptions filled at CVS in Florida, but our CVS here in Virginia is terrible! There is always a long wait, nothing is ever ready on time (or even ready several hours after the pickup time), the people are NOT friendly, and just about everything I’ve ever had to do at the pharmacy has been lengthy and difficult! Target’s pharmacy is completely the opposite...everyone is super friendly and easy to work with, and prescriptions are always filled on time!

Since I was already at Target, I thought a little retail therapy might help me feel better too! My pink and green Miss Trish of Capri sandals arrived yesterday (love them) and now I’m thinking these are pretty fabulous too.

They didn’t have my size, so I may just have to order them...

I also saw this pretty tunic. I go back and forth on buying clothes from Target (most of them don’t fit me anyways), but they usually have pretty cute summer items. I think I usually prefer Target clothes in the summer because there are so many more cotton/natural fiber options. What do y’all think about clothes from Target?

Both of these dresses are super cute and 100% cotton!

There are also several cute fashion jewelry items.

(Saw this necklace on Sweet Southern Prep's post today and immediately headed to to check it out!)
What are your favorite finds at Target?


  1. Those shoes are too cute, you have to order them, they will go with everything! :) I love Target for accessories, I've never had any luck with clothing, except for workout clothes and swimsuit coverups. Hope you're having a great week! xox

  2. I totally bought those shoes! ha ha ha And, I bought Cynthia Vincent's gladiator sandals (I'm not into the gladiator look but these are low-key and quite adorable!) Target finds are always fun! :)

  3. I'm sorry you have a sinus infection - that doesn't sound like fun :( but shopping alwayssss helps and I am in love with that necklace! I might just have to venture on over to my local Target and check it out!

  4. Sinus infections are the worst!! Feel better. I've always had lots of good luck at Target. I buy lots of my summer shoes from there as well as clothing.

    I also love their cosmetics section.


  5. Ugh - sinus infections are awful. They're so deceiving b/c they make everything feel badly - not just the sinuses. Feel better!!

    My fave things to get at Target are storage baskets....strange but true :)

  6. Great finds! Target is one of my favorite places to shop! I can never leave without spending at least $200.

  7. Love those shoes and the necklace! I went to immediately!

  8. Such cute things. I also go back and forth on the shopping at Target thing. I usually dont love it, but now and again I find some pretty cute things, and I agree summer is better :)

  9. Although you're feeling rather crappy, at least you took advantage of some shopping therapy too. Looks like you treated yourself well.

    Just a heads up though, I loved my pink and green Miss Trish sandals I ordered from Target too, but decided to return them today. Instead, I ordered a pair of pink and green Bonanno's. I figured they'd last a little longer, and couldn't resist the great deal going on now. Still love the white Miss Trish sandals now though. Hmmmm...

  10. I'm terribly sorry you don't feel good. Sinus Infections can make everything seem hard to handle. I'm happy you had a good Target excursion though. I absolutely love Target.
    Oh my goodness, do I love those shoes, so adorable. I can't go to Target and not buy something. Be it an Iced Tea maker or a a pair of cute wedges.
    Feel better!

  11. Those blue dreses are so adorable! Target does it again. I could get lost in that store for hours. Hope you're feeling better.


  12. Can you send me a link to that blue and white dress? I'm in LOVE, and can't find it! AGH! Love this post! Please feel better!

  13. Sinus infections are the WORST! I have had two this year already. Feel better.


  14. Your target purchases are so cute! Hope you feel better - sinus infections are horrible!



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