Decorating and Preppy Weekend Shopping

Monday, May 10, 2010

Nicholas and I are about a month from moving and I'm getting to excited so decorate! I picked up the newest issue of Traditional Home and the BHG New Decorating Book this weekend for inspiration. I'm working on inspiration boards and will share more soon! I looked around online for decorating sites/blogs...but there are just so many! What are your favorites?

While perusing the internet this weekend I found some great deals on I discovered this site awhile ago, but this was my first purchase there. It kind of seems like a sale version of Zappos. I have no idea if they're actually connected with Zappos, but the layout of the site looks almost exactly the same! (Does anyone know?)

Got this Lilly Pulitzer Casey V-Neck Tee in Lilly's Pink for $30.80 (usually $44)! I love these t-shirts so I was super excited to find one on sale!

(I think this mannequin is creepy looking...why does it's right arm look so buff?!)
Super cute Nike running top for $13.30 (usually $35). I love this bright blue color!

You know from this post that I've been thinking about bringing polos back into my wardrobe and several bloggers recommended the Vineyard Vines Susie fit polo. I found one on sale at for $21.70 (usually $62)!

There are several colors of the Lilly Pulitzer shrunken polo on sale 50% off at The Pink Pelican and Ocean Palm. I think I've tried this fit on before and liked it...but I can't remember! Do any of y'all have Lilly polos in this fit?

Although I still love the Clinique High Impact mascara, I've been in the mood for something more dramatic lately. This week I headed to Sephora and picked up two mascaras that I now ADORE...Makeup Forever Smoky Lash and Imju Fiberwig! Makeup Forever is super black and the Fiberwig makes lashes unbelievably long. Amazing combo...Definitely recommend these two!
Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara

Imju Fiberwig Mascara

Has anyone ever tried either of these mascaras? Where do you find good shopping deals online?


  1. Wow, love all these finds! I'm definitely going to have to try You got some great deals! :) Not quite sure how the Lilly Shrunken Polos fit, but I love the new Chic Style.

  2. Check out! I'm so obsessed with their home reno/decorating blog.

  3. oohhhh is a great resource, but sometimes looking at their house I feel like they had an unlimited budget and the ability to do anything and everything they wanted....

    One month... gosh that's so close... I still have 9 weeks until my moving day... and I cannot wait, slowly steadily I'm boxing stuff up! My home office is already almost full of boxes!

    I may have missed this or you may already have said it, but where are ya'll moving? Will you be renting or buying... we'll be renting, so as much as I want to jump in and decorate like crazy I'm trying to hold myself back and remember this is temporary... this is temporary!



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