Fashion Friday: A Color Combo I Always Love

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've been trying to come up with color schemes to decorate when we move and I've realized that (besides pink and green) yellow and blue is one color combination that just never gets old for me! There's an article about color palettes in the June issue of InStyle that features blue, steel, and yellow as one of the color combinations to try. I think I just might!

Not only do I love this combo for decorating, but it's fabulous for creating outfits too!

I am in LOVE with this blue and yellow Adam dress from the Outnet. Since they don't have my size and I have no reason to buy it anyways...I decided to peruse some of my favorite stores for other delightful blue and yellow items.

I love a good ruffle!
Love a Good Ruffle...

I bought this adorable full yellow skirt at Anthropologie yesterday. Fitted t-shirts tucked in to full skirts are my go to outfit during the summer. Besides blue and white, what other colors do you pair with yellow?

What do you think of yellow and blue? Would (have) you ever used this combo to decorate a room?


  1. Hi honey! OOOH how cute you changed your layout! Sorry I haven't been over sooner, I've been on the road for work for what seems like the entire month of May! Missing you friend!! xoxo

    Your yellows and blues certainly don't give me the blues, they are about as cheerful as it gets! Tell me about those little ruffly skirts with the elastic waists - cute on? I have seen them all over but was wondering if they bring too much accent to the hips (not that you have anything to worry about you teeny little thing!) :)

    I love yellow and blue together, but I love yellow with pretty much anything! I got a new Lilly recently - Franco with the ruffles on the bodice in the green/yellow - and I was surprised how much I liked the color combo.

    My parents bedroom is all done in shades of blue and yellow with a little peach thrown in, it's very pretty and elegant.

    Hope you're doing great, when is the big move?? Coming up soon I think! Have a happy weekend pretty lady! xoxo

  2. great polyvore combos! I just bought a bright yellow cardi, and have been pairing it with a patterned dress that includes pinks and yellows on an ivory-ish base.

  3. Oh my goodness love the dresses! I really want one!


  4. I love the color combo! The yellow and blue looks so fresh!

  5. My kitchen is blue and yellow! Love the combination. I'm seriously in love with that blue cocktail ring you've got here. Gorgeous!

    Just a heads up, I'm giving you an award tomorrow. :)

  6. That is my Mama's favorite color combo to decorate I know and love it. And ruffles...swoon. That yellow vest is incredible!



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