Fashionably Late: What's Your Opinion?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

So I meant for this to be part of a Fashion Friday post last week, but then got super busy and distracted. I still wanted to put it up and get y'alls I decided it would just have to be fashionably late! (Which is basically the story of my life anyways...)

I know I mentioned that shopping is definitely one of my cheer up tactics when I am feeling down...and my favorite place for mood brightening shopping is of course Lilly Pulitzer! When I was wandering around our local Lilly via store last Monday (the first of three trips I made there last week) I found myself checking out polos. I used to wear polos all the time in high school/early college, but then stopped because I thought they might not look "grown up" enough. Lately I've been thinking about giving them another try! What do y'all think about polos? Do you wear them, or do you think they look too young?

I really love this lemon embroidered polo from Talbots!

Last Wednesday (trip number two for the week) I was hoping to find another pair of Tradewind Capris. I really love the pair I have in starfruit yellow! They didn't have any at our store, but they found a pair in their Richmond location and had them shipped. One of the ladies there was telling me that they don't order in capris anymore because the college girls don't wear them (we live in a college town). She said some of the 30-something women love them, but not enough for them to keep them in stock. I thought that was so strange...I love capris! I wore them all the time in college too.

My capris arrived on Friday and I went back (trip three) to meet with the tailor so he could take them in. I love this print (it reminds me of Florida) and even better...they were on sale 50% off! I picked them up today and I love them...even if I'm the only 20-something girl in town wearing capris! What's your opinion on capris?

Hope everyone has a fun Cinco de Mayo!


  1. Love polos! I don't wear them ALL the time, but have them in about every color. It's my easy go-to outfit, with shorts. :) Definitely recommend them. My favorites are from J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Lilly Pulitzer (the newest Chic Polo is lovely), and Vineyard Vines. Okay, maybe I like them a lot. :)

  2. I am pro-polos, and definitely pro-capris. My fave polos are from Lilly and VV.

  3. I love capris and wore them all through college - as did most girls I know! As for polos, I've taken a sabbatical if you will from them for awhile now myself. I think they make me look really young (and believe me, I already look about 15... and I'm 23!)! But I think I may try to wear them again myself... any ideas on wha to pair them with to look a little more "grown up"??!

  4. I totally know what you mean about the polo thing...I've had a few friends claim that they're not very stylish but I like them! I took a break from them for a while as well but I really like the sleeveless ones that Lacoste and VV make...a friend of mine has a really cute halter Polo by Lilly and it's just TOO CUTE!

  5. I love polos, I think they are wonderful! I sometimes take breaks from them and go back to tshirts, but I do adore them. That sweet little one with the lemons from Talbots is precious! Great find sweetie!

    That's sooo odd about the capri comment...I think you have the perfect figure to wear them and am psyched that you found your Lilly's (and on sale woo hoo!)!! Miss you and thinking of you xoxoxo

  6. Haha, I'm living in polos and capris while I work on losing this baby weight. But then again, I think I probably fit the stereotype you mentioned, given that I'm thirty-something now! At the moment, the Lilly polos aren't fitting me very well, but I have some lovelies from Ralph Lauren and even a few from L.L. Bean that are seeing me through.

  7. hey there! I too, have taken a break from the polo -- but check out the new, girlier styles with the ruffle collar and placket from lands end! I actually think lilly is looking to reinvent the polo -- i received a survey not too long ago from them specifically asking about polo preferences!!

    And capri's LOVE THEM. casual. dress. suited, jeans. i wear them all year -- with flats, heels and flip flops in the summer, high boots in the winter! lucky you with the 50% off sale item!!

  8. I love my polo collection, even though I've edited it heavily since college. They're great with shorts or a skirt for weekend errands. Also I've been in love with capri pants since high school - I even wear them to the office in the summer on casual Fridays (solid colors only).



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