Moving Day is Almost Here!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I can't believe it's already Wednesday evening and it's been nearly a week since my last post! We've been so busy getting ready for our move! Nicholas and I spent last weekend putting the contents of our apartment into moving boxes. We both packed all day Saturday and then he was on call Sunday so I spent the day packing at home with the Poe Cat (who is loving all the boxes). As I was packing I went through all our stuff and ended up with 4 big bags of clothes, shoes, and accessories to donate! It was so great to get rid of so much stuff!

When we made the move from Florida to Virginia with the Poe Cat we put him in a kitty carrier (which he absolutely hated). Since he was so miserable in the kitty carrier I've come up with another plan for this move...I found a kitty harness and leash! I know that sounds completely crazy, but I think he'll be happier. We've tried the harness out a couple times at home and he's definitely not thrilled about it...but he doesn't make horrible noises like he did in the kitty carrier!

I also found some fun pictures of me and Poe Cat on hubs' old phone this weekend!

(Yes, that's a giant bag of jelly beans that I'm sure I ate right after this picture was made.)

(Doesn't he look thrilled? Maybe I can use the kitty harness to get him to exercise...)

I am so excited for our move this weekend! We're getting up early on Saturday to paint so hopefully we'll be able to move stuff in on Sunday.

These are the color schemes I have in mind so far...

Living Room
I want the paint the living room the middle blue color, but I'm having a hard time deciding on the exact shade because I don't want it to turn out too dark! Any advice on this?

Master Bedroom
I'm painting the walls a pale shade of green.

Craft Room
I made this one using colors from this fabulous Lilly Pulitzer shift! I'm painting the walls bright pink!

I really love this dress!

I can't wait to decorate and organize...especially my pink and green craft room! I love these craft room pictures from Martha Stewart!

Where do you get organization ideas?


  1. Oh so exciting! we're a month away from moving day and time is going by so slowly!

  2. Poe cat is huge! I want to adopt a black cat very badly.

    Good luck with your move. Moving can be such a pain. Post pictures if you do create a craft room. You have some great inspiration there.

  3. OMG! Your move is right around the corner!!! How exciting!! :)
    I completely understand your not being able to blog.... I had to take some time off to pack and set up.. I'm still setting up. Those craft room pictures are to die for!!! I LOVE them! I want! I love you new blog design too!!! Very cute! I'm looking to update my blog design as well.
    I like your color combinations. Just be careful with the dark blue. My brother did a dark blue in his room and it made the room very dark and small. Maybe you can do an accent wall??
    Good luck on your move... thinking of you!

  4. Looooove the Lilly inspired colors!! Oh to have the extra space for a craft room...and oh to have craft skills. HA! Best of luck with your move!!

    I think most of his collabs are pretty fabulous!!

    p.s. Thank you so much for following BonBon Rose Girls! I hope you'll follow us at our new site...we went and got our own .com at: Plus, we're hosting lots of fabulous giveaways this month to celebrate our move...Right now we've got two $95 hapari swimsuit gift certificates up for grabs! Hugs, K

  5. Your blog is adorable just found you through survival guide for the young fab & newlywed. Haha we have a kitty harness for our kitty and she hates it. We bought it for a move too and it never worked for us, I hope you guys have better luck.

  6. Your blog is so cute! Thanks for following mine! As for the dark navy blue color you are looking at to paint a room; my aunt painted her living room with that color and it turned out beautifully and not too dark.

  7. Wow, that is a bold blue! You'll feel like you live inside a sapphire--how dreamy! Good luck with the move, I haaaate unpacking, but we do end up coming across all sorts of things we didn't remember we had ;)

  8. omgosh! I love this! I am HYPER organized. I get my organization ideas from Real Simple :)

  9. I don't have any organization!! I need to get some more!!



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