New Home and Sensational Summer Sales

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Friday! Since our move has made me MIA from blogland this week I thought I would give y'all a mini update! We got both the living room and master bedroom painted on Saturday and I LOVE the colors. We were so worn out by the time we finished with those two rooms that I decided to paint my craft room/guest room this weekend.

Right now we are living in a sea of boxes! Hubs hasn't been able to help unpack too much because he was on call Monday (and again today) and he has to study for the exam at the end of his Pediatrics rotation next week. I've been unpacking every day after work...which is totally wearing me out! I can't wait to really be able to unpack/decorate this weekend! Most of my clothes are still packed away, but I did manage to organize my shoe closet!

I've got most of my shoes in there, but I have no idea what to do with my boots!
(The green walls have a little too much yellow in this picture to show the real paint color.)

I'm having such a difficult time finding home decor stuff I like! Our home stores are super limited here and none of them seem to have what I want. I love bright colors and everything available seems to be muted! I need help: does anyone know of any good places to find home decor stuff online?

Here is the fabulous blue color we painted our living room.

Sorry for the boring picture of the blank wall! I will have more exciting pictures once it's decorated.

I've had such a time finding a yellow lamp so today I bought this teal one at TJ Maxx and I'm spray painting it. I have NO idea what I'm doing...but I figured it couldn't be that difficult so I decided to wing it! I put a few coats on it last night, but I think I need more paint so it's drying now and I'm planning to finish it this afternoon. We'll see how it turns out! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the lampshade yet.

I also want yellow curtains and since I can't find them...I'm thinking of making them too. I'm tempted to order this fabric, but I can't decide if it would make fabulous or crazy looking curtains! Plan B is to get solid (maybe somewhat sheer?) yellow curtains and use the fabric for throw pillows. Opinions?

On a more fashionable topic...there are so many sales going on right now!

In the Pink (Lilly Pulitzer Via Store) - enter code 0615 at checkout!

These are some items I've got my eye on...
Summer Sales

What fabulous summer sales have y'all found? Hopefully I'll have more exciting new home pictures on Monday!


  1. Just found you over at Follow Friday and I must say, I want you to come organize my shoes! :-) I have good intentions, but I just can't seem to get there. Love the colors and that yellow pattern is to die for!

  2. That's my girl! Look at all your shoes, so organized, I love it! Proud of you honey! Your paint colors are lovely, and I think that yellow pattern in curtains would be divine! Which windows were you thinking? Drapes or valances? Are you loving your new place? It's so much bigger, right? Hope you're settling in, you are such a sweet wifey to take care of unpacking while your hubby is on call. Thinking of you doll, sending good unpacking vibes your way! :) xxoxo

  3. Your shoes are so organized! I'm impressed and need to do that!

    Love the colors and thanks for the shopping tips!!!

  4. I love the shoe organization!! I am dying to get those boxes for my shoes, but was shocked when I saw how much it would cost to get as many as I need! Until the sticker shock wears off I'll stick with the original boxes in those canvas hanging sweater shelves, ha!

    Oh, and check out CB2. I'm more of a muted colors girl, but all of my friends who like the more graphic, vibrant decorating style seem to really like that store!

  5. I'm so jealous of your shoe closet!! Congrats on the move and good luck with unpacking - it's such a pain, huh?? I just moved too and still have sooo much left to unpack!

  6. Great sales! Thanks for the tips! Looks like your place is coming together. Love the blue walls. So pretty!



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