What a Wonderful Day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

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Happy Monday! There are so many things I am excited about today that I just had to share!

Today is the Poe Cat's 7th birthday! He loved the felt catnip toy I made him a few months ago so much that I think I'm going to make him another to celebrate!

My uncle is getting married today! He and his fiancee are getting married in the Virgin Islands (I think) and then will be back in Orlando for a huge celebration with family and friends this weekend. Hubs and I are heading to Florida on Friday evening and I can't wait! (On a side note: I find it incredibly entertaining that my uncle (my dad's identical twin) is marrying a lady named Sharon...which also happens to be my mother's name.)

Two very dear friends of my husband and me are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today! This picture of Nicholas and me was taken at their wedding last summer.

It's the Summer Solstice and National wear your Lilly Pulitzer Day! What Lilly did you wear today? Here's my first day of summer Lilly outfit:

Wear Your Lilly Day
This is one of my favorite Lilly skirts! I just love the little ruffles!

Last but not least...several weeks ago the darling Sweet Southern Prep gave me the Sweet Award! I have been so busy with the move that I haven't had a chance to pass this along yet. Her blog is absolutely adorable and I especially love her Monday Manners posts! I'd like to pass this award along to these sweet bloggers...
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We had such a busy weekend, but I was able to make a serious dent in our unpacking this weekend and I painted my craft room Princess Pink (the actual name of the paint color)! I'll be back tomorrow with lots of fun decorating pictures!


  1. Happy Birthday to Poe Cat! How funny that there are two Sharon's in the family now. I'm sure the wedding is going to be beautiful!


  2. Happy Birthday to your baby! And what a fab outfit!!

  3. Can't wait to see pics of the princess pink room!

  4. Congrats on your award! I love your outfit!

  5. Enjoy all of your celebrations! And a special Happy Birthday to your cat - celebrating pet birthdays is so fun. Also, congratulations on the award and thanks for passing it along to me! :)

  6. Oooh a wedding in the Virgin Islands sounds like heaven to me!!! I hope you have an amazing time in Orlando!!! I bet it will be amazing!!

    I love your Bonannos!! Those are the colors I'm thinking about getting! :)

  7. Happy birthday to Poester! Have fun at the reception.
    Congrats on the award & thanks for giving it to me!

  8. So many things to celebrate and the perfect outfit to be celebrating in! You can bet I was wearing my Lilly too! ;)

  9. I cant wait to see the princess pink room! A wedding in the virgin islands sounds absolutely divine! I so wish I was as skinny as you! Totally jealous :] Thanks so much for the award!


  10. Hey there beautiful! I am in love with that first image you posted, ahhh, how relaxing and beautiful! Congrats to your uncle and his new bride, how exciting! Happy 7th Birthday to sweet Poe cat too!

    Congratulations on your sweet, sweet and well deserved award, and a million thanks for passing it along to me! Promise to post it soon.

    LOVE your outfit for National Lilly Day! You are too cute! Happy National PINK Day TODAY! :) xoxo Mwah!

  11. Thank you for the sweet award! Happy belated birthday to Poe cat!



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