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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Several darling bloggers have been sweet enough to send a few blog awards my way and I am super late in passing them along!  Playing with our new little pup (and making sure to give Poe Cat lots of attention) has been taking up all my free time lately!

First,  thank you to two fabulous bloggers for giving me The Sugar Doll Award...Classic Annie and Beyond the Blue Ridge!

Ten things about me:

1. I am actually quite introverted. Nicholas is super extroverted and we balance each other well.

2. I really want a pair of Converse Jack Purcells.  I have no idea why.  

3. I wish I was a ballerina.  Ok, maybe I don't want to be a ballerina right now, but I really wish I had taken ballet as a little girl.

4. I have ADHD.  I am also a serious perfectionist. This combination can be quite frustrating at times.

5. I have a terrible sense of direction. I get lost and turned around so easily!

6. I can't wait to be a mother...but I'm terrified about having babies!  Lately I've had the strangest mix of baby fever/terror at the thought of getting pregnant.  Not that hubs and I are trying.  We want to have plenty of time to just have fun being married to each other before we add a baby into the mix.  (Plus, we've just added a new fur-baby to our family!) In the meantime, I've been thinking that reading  a baby book or two to try and get myself over my aversion to having a baby.  Does anyone know of any good baby books or have any advice on this?

7. I carry a little notebook around with me at all times.  I think of random things all day that I don't want to forget so I need a place to write them down!

8. I didn't really care for wedding planning. I knew I wanted something romantic with a vintage feel (and lots of green), but I refused to be one of those brides who looks stressed out about every detail from the moment they start planning until they leave the reception. When it came down to it all I really cared about was that Nicholas and I were getting married! I found this picture and gave it to my mother and wedding planner and sort of asked them to go with it. I okayed details, but I'm pretty sure without them I would still be trying to find a wedding location!  

9. I really want to learn to play the piano. We had a piano growing up, but my mother didn't make us take lessons because she was forced to take them as a child and hated it.

10. I refuse to watch the news.  There are so many horrible things happening in the world, I just can't bear to hear about them all.  

Next, Thank you to Brown Eyed Belle for The Blog with Substance Award.  The rules for this one are to pick five words that summarize your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience.

Fashionable: I love fashion and I'm always trying to find ways to make everyday life more fashionable.  I love finding blogs with fashion inspirations.

Random: Although my posts usually center around my obsession with fashion (or hubs and our fur babies) there is usually a sprinkling of completely random topics too.

Crafty: I usually share my DIY attempts on my blog and I love finding other blogs with great DIY/craft projects.

Inquisitive: I have about a million random questions running through my head all day and I often ask for other people's opinions in my posts. 

Bright: I try to keep my blog bright and cheerful...and I love finding other cheerful, preppy blogs!

Last, but certainly not least, thank you to Falling Off A High-Heeled Life for the Life is Good Award!

Y'all should definitely check out these four blogs!  


  1. I so have the same feelings about having a day. I'm sure it's something that will change as I am ready to have one, but it's still frightening!!

  2. There are a lot of great books out there to read before having a baby. I liked "What To Expect Before You're Expecting".

  3. Aw, I love all the random facts about you :)
    And congrats on your awards!!
    I am not sure about the whole baby business... I have three and ummmm I am still scared that I have children!! It's amazing how naturally it will all come. I know that probably sounds silly - but seriously, it will just feel right when it happens I think! If I find any books that I think will help I will let you know :)

  4. Found you through the Lady Bloggers Society. Love your pets! I have two cats myself, including an all-black male, too. My cats let me live in our apt. Lol!

  5. I always wished I was able to do ballet as a little girl. My dad was a single dad and had no idea what ballet was or why a little girl would want to take ballet. LOL
    I'm right there with you on the whole birthing thing. I KNOW I'd be a great mother, but the entire birthing process scares the crap out of me! I usually run from friends or family talking about it. Once I fainted while the girls were talking about delivery (no lie). If you find a way over this fear, share! I'm gonna need it!
    Thanks for sharing!! Congrats on the awards!!!
    XOXO- Vy

  6. I enjoyed reading this! I don't watch the news either - and I've been so much happier since I stopped. There's no point in me getting upset over things that I have no control over.

    Also, you should definitely learn how to play the piano. I love the piano and took lessons for several years growing up, but I want to start back so that I can improve.

  7. Congrats on your awards! I used to do ballet as a child but stopped after a couple of years, like most people. My cousin is the only person I know who took lessons for YEARS and even teaches now sometimes, she's that good! I also have a son (4) and I think you should definitely enjoy your life as a couple first. Once you have kids, it becomes so much harder to do the simplest things - like go out for a drink, go to the cinema... I'm your newest follower!

  8. From your blog i'm kinda surprised you were so hands of with your wedding planning (perfectionist, etc.) but good for you!! and i like those converse, i think you should get theM :-)

  9. A baby book that I like is called: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. There are about a million opinions on how to actually raise a child, but I think we can all agree that we want our babies to sleep at night!

    I like this book because it's written by a doctor who actually conducted studies and researched his ideas. (Not all authors do.) I also like the fact that he provides several methods (not just one, like some books) to produce the same desired outcome: a well rested child/family.

    My husband is a surgical resident, so it's really been helpful to eliminate at least one stress from our lives!



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