Current Obsessions Tuesday

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1. Mad Men
I know I'm so behind the times on this one...but thanks to on demand and TV on DVD (with which I just may have a slight obsession) I am hooked! I watched seasons one and two while hubs and I were unpacking boxes (still!) this weekend and today I bought season three on DVD.

The story line is fabulous (expect that Don Draper's constant cheating disgusts me) and the clothes are simply amazing!  Not only are Betty, Joan, and the rest of the women's clothes beautiful, but I adore how the men dress!  I am all about a good skinny tie (finally talked hubs into wearing them!) and men in hats. I love that Roger Sterling is so often seen wearing a three piece suit.  I wish men wore them more often.  I knew I wanted Nicholas to wear one for our wedding and I had a time trying to find it...there are so few out there!

2. Floppy Hats
It's been outrageously sunny and hot here lately (I guess it is July so I'm not sure what else I was expecting) and although I grew up in Florida I am not a sun goddess. I spend all summer trying to shield my pale white skin from the sun and, other than SPF 70, my favorite sun protection is a big floppy hat.

3. Peaches
Peaches are my favorite fruit!  I made homemade peach fro-yo over the weekend with the ice cream maker attachment for my kitchenaid stand mixer.  It was so simple and turned out quite tasty!

4. Naps
Although I have so many things to get done at home after favorite activity is to ignore all of them and take an afternoon nap!  Poe Cat is always on board for naptime too!  Does anyone else love a good afternoon nap?

5. Puppies!
Hubs and I are looking to add another fur baby to our family!  I am all about rescuing from the SPCA, but we've looked and didn't really see what we were looking for here.  I'm not sure what we're going to do.  I'm torn between really wanting a smaller dog, like a pug (they're just so adorable), and wanting a larger dog that can go running with me (since I haven't run in like a month and am in need of some SERIOUS motivation)!

What are your current obsessions?


  1. I highly recommend a Golden Retriever. There is just nothing like them. I have grown up with Goldens and last August got one of my very own. I'm also very pro-male dogs. ha ; )

  2. Mad Men is fabulous!! Cannot wait for Season 4 to start!

  3. I love Mad Men!! Such a great dramatic show.

  4. Love your obsessions! Puppies are so cute! I got to meet a little puppy the other week. Makes me want another one!

  5. Love Mad Men as well! And I am definitely always down for a good nap - they are highly underrated!

  6. I am definitely obsessed with mad men! I wish I lived back then they are so chic! I would love a floppy hat but I look kind of weird in them.


  7. Love Mad Men! Glad you'll be all caught up when the new season begins at the end of July. Those puppy pictures are adorable. I would love a puppy too (but it must be hypoallergenic due to my allergies), but haven't quite been able to find one and feel "ready" to have a puppy. Have a happy Wednesday! :)

  8. I haven't seen Mad Men!!! Sounds great though!! I may have to look that up on On Demand!!! I am totally loving the floppy hats right now too!! I saw an amazing one with a bow on it yesterday at Talbots and I'm thinking of going back and snagging it! :)

    Make sure to come enter my Stella and Dot giveaway when you get the chance!!

  9. 1. I watched Mad Men in the middle of the season and was lost. Love the clothes, and think the story line. I need to just start from the begining and buy them.

    2. Adore afternoon naps..especially with a cuddly pup!

    3. Get a westie!! Get a westie!!

  10. Oooohhh I love Mad Men, and I have the khaki colored hat in your second picture....

    I say go for an in between sized dog, my dog is 35 lbs... shes still small enough to pick up and snuggle but she's big enough to run a few miles with me :)

  11. Love it all! And those cute for words!! PS I LOVE your green wedding shoes too (in another post). Amazing!

  12. I got a chocolate lab 2 and half years ago as a Christmas gift and at first I thought she was going to be a handful and just too huge but she's turned out to be the best dog I've ever had. She was a rescue and she's the healthiest, calmest, most well-behaved thing you've ever seen. She's my first non-purebreed and female and I would advise anyone to go for the shelter now! Rescue dogs tend to be a thousand times healthier and even smarter!



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