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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I can't believe it's been nearly a week and a half since my last post! I've had so much going on, but every time I sit down to write a post I can't decide what to put down! Since I can't seem to pull it together to actually 'write' a post, here's a little catch up list of what's been going on with me!

{one}  Last week was somewhat of a rough week. I was feeling a little blue (not really sure why), but it resulted in hubs and I making a late night (ok, 9pm) trip to the grocery store last Wednesday for a bottle of champagne and some red velvet cake. Not many things cheer me up like celebrating absolutely nothing with Nicholas in the middle of the week!



{two}  I finally made curtains for our living room! This might not seem like a huge accomplishment, but our curtain-less window has been driving me crazy since we moved in and it's finally covered!

Still not incredibly glamorous...we're getting closer!  Now I just need to find (or maybe make?) some curtain tie-backs that I like...any suggestions?

I'm so excited the living room is actually starting to feel put together. Look at what used to be our big, blank, blue's no longer blank! I'm not sure if I'm completely sold on the milk glass and flowers on the shelf, but it works for now!

{three}  Remember my post from at least a month ago where I wanted to start gardening and I bought a tomato plant? I had such great intentions for actually putting it in the ground, but then hubs and I brought home Mason and I got a little sidetracked. Well, I happened upon my tomato plant sitting (fallen over) in the back yard this weekend and there was a little green tomato growing! I was so shocked that it was not only still alive, but there was actually a tomato growing that I immediately planted it in the little garden area in front of our house!

{four}  Hubs is finishing up his third rotation of third year this week! Unfortunately, he's finishing it up with night shifts (aka he works from 5pm to 6am). I miss him like crazy...and his next rotation is surgery so I'm not sure how much better that is going to be!  I can't believe he's starting his fourth rotation next week...third year is flying by!


  1. Red Velvet .. yummy I discovered it on a trip to our local cupcake shop last year.. with bubbly.. you definitely have a celebration!!!

    Your DIY art work looks fantastic, your room is really great. You are so creative,. Have missed your posts, welcome back..HHL

  2. Red velvet cake and champagne sound like the perfect cure for the mid-week blues. My hubby is an ob/gyn and we dated through medical school and got married during residency. I can tell you those rotations are tough, but it'll be over before you know it! Hang in there! And in the meantime, you can have fabulous parties in your living room. The curtains are too cute!

  3. I think those curtains are fabulous. I wish I was as nifty as you.

  4. Your curtains look great, I love the print.

  5. I think we have all been feeling a little blah these days!!
    Look at you go being all crafty, the curtains look GREAT :)
    And did you know that I have NEVER had Red Velvet cake? I am glad that you and the manfriend were able to enjoy some together. I hope that surgery is better than night float... *Hugs*

  6. What a fun way to cheer up! Your curtains look wonderful. Best of luck with Nicholas' work schedule, and fingers crossed surgery's a bit better! :)

  7. cake and champagne? BEST pick-me-up ever! I hope you're feeling better today :)

    Great curtains!

  8. I love your curtains! The blue paint in your living room is gorgeous - I love the saturated color!



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