An OCD Love Affair: Geometric Patterns and Recipe Organization

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hubs and I had such a wonderfully relaxing weekend and got tons done around our home.  I can't believe we've been living here for a month and a half and still haven't completely moved in.  We are making serious progress though since we got rid of our last box on Saturday and we finally took our ketubah to get framed (only 7 months after the wedding...)!

Our blue living room walls, while awesome, were looking a little blank so I decided to make some art.  Since the canvases I painted for our old apartment don't go with any of the decor in our new home I decided to take the canvas off and recover the frame.  That may not be a big deal, but I was pretty impressed with myself.  (I have recently discovered just how useful a staple gun can be!)  I've been head over heels for geometric prints lately so before I started I searched around online for a little inspiration.

{images via Pieces}

With a little inspiration, here's what I came up with.  I'm thinking I'll talk hubs into hanging them tonight!

Also over the weekend I decided I was once and for all going to find a way to organize all the recipes I find online.  I've tried so many different ways, but nothing seems to really work well.  For awhile I was getting daily recipe emails from Cooking Light and Martha Stewart, but I am incredibly picky so most of them I will never make and they just end up clogging my inbox.  I've also tried copying them into word documents, but then trying to find one (when I don't have something specific in mind) takes forever.

I looked around online for some suggestions and finally came up with an idea...a recipe blog!

I've created a new blog {here} and when I find a recipe I want to keep I'll just post it there and tag several of the main ingredients/recipe type.  That way, when I really need to find a recipe, I can click on one of my tags and all those recipes will come up!  I've already posted a few that I know I like and several that look good.  So far I'm thinking this might actually be the solution to my online recipe dilemma.  I would love to hear suggestions though...What do y'all do with online recipes?  How do you keep them organized?


  1. Your canvases are so pretty and I love those lamps!!!

  2. Great job with the canvases! Love the geometric shapes.

    I don't know how to keep recipes organized either!! I almost want to print them all out, so then I can just flip through them, but that seems like a waste...

  3. What a creative idea for art work... looks great!

    As for the recipe organizing not sure.. like TeachingInHeels above - I've considered printing them -- but not really sure. I agree it clutters up the in-box, your idea of a recipe blog sounds like a good option...XO ..HHL

  4. You are so creative, I love it (and am a bit jealous, not going to lie). And the recipe blog is a brilliant idea! I've been printing recipes or bookmarking them on my computer but love your idea even more. My mom made me a cook book for my birthday last year full of family favorites which is very easy to do.

    Congratulations on removing the last of your moving boxes, I know what a huge accomplishment that is!

    PS. I LOVE your blog! So much!

  5. Also, if you are a member of Rue La La they are having a Lily Pulitzer boutique tomorrow. I love this website and saw this botique and thought of you. If you aren't a member you can join (for free) by this invite link

  6. Yes, yes, yes! I love these!

    The recipe blog idea is great. I really need to do one myself. I've been trying to figure out a way to save ones I fine.

  7. What a great idea about the recipe blog! I am still using a recipe box and cards, I know, I know, how 1950's of me but I have never found a better way to organize them and I have tried and tried!



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