Opinions, Please + Pink and Green Thursday

Thursday, August 5, 2010

How do you keep up with all your favorite blogs? Do y'all use blogger dashboard or google reader (or something else even better that I don't know about)?  I've been using blogger dashboard and since I've been so busy lately (and I don't have time to sign in as often as I would like) I feel like I'm missing out on posts from all my favorite blogs. What do you do? I could seriously use some advice!

We are having one stormy Thursday here in Virginia and it could definitely use some pink and green to brighten it up!  Look at these lovely etsy finds!

{riley bracelet via dbear}

{grown up preppy via spottedfish}

{moonglow in pink via pcjewelry}

{moonglow in soft mint via pcjewelry}

{daphne earrings via sunnyanddelilah}

{cotton candy necklace via rebecca3030}

I love etsy, but sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed by all the options and wish I knew which stores to check out!  Does you have any favorite etsy stores?


  1. I feel overwhelmed cathcing up on blogs sometims too. I recently created folders on google reader (favorites, recipes/cooking, fashion, etc.) and I just read the favorites folder if I only have a minute or two.

    I love the first etsy bracelet. I have a lot of favorited shops on etsy (www.etsy.com/plumstars)

  2. Those moonglow earrings are gorgeous! As for keeping up with blogs, I try to keep my blog role relevant and up-to-date and make sure to browse through every couple days, especially with blogs that update daily.

    xo M.

  3. What beautiful treasures you are showing!!!
    I do use Blogger dashboard, and that seems to be helpful. What I have also found helpful is on my Blog I have grouped the blogs I follow into - daily reads(so it can be anything fashion, inspiring, decor), Fashion, LifeStyle & Design - if there is a blog I'm following but not sure if its content I'll just keep it in dashboard - until I can figure out where it falls under.

    Like TeachingInHeels above, if I just have a few minutes to check I go to my daily reads...

    Happy Thursday..HHL

  4. I use the Google Reader for my blog reads and it seems to work pretty well since you can scroll through and read quickly, even if you don't have time to comment on every one.

    I love all of the pink and green jewelry. My favorite is the bracelet. Love!

  5. I have used blogger and it was perfect for when I was at school and checking it all the time. I need to learn how to use google reader more. Love the jewelry!!!

  6. What lovely pieces! Don't you just love Etsy?
    I typically just use the dashboard, but am trying to get more accustomed to google reader. The only thing I don't like is that I can't see who subscribes to me! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I'm like you, I mostly use the dashboard, but feel that I can't get to everyone's blog!!! I've tried Google reader, and like it, but you can't comment directly from it, as far as I know. Now, if google reader could allow us to comment from it, it just might work for me! :)
    I do love those Etsy finds!!! Etsy always has some great stuff on there! :)
    Have a great weekend!!!!
    xoxo- Vy

  8. I'm having the same problem!! I can't seem to catch up, and I've been using blogger d-board on the computer and google reader on my BB. However, I'm still missing things!

    I wasn't aware you could make folders on reader. Perhaps I need to try that from the PC as well. Thanks for posing this question :)

    And how about those storms yesterday!!! Smalltown, VA almost washed away. Yikes...

  9. I LOVE that fisrt bracelet. I sell on etsy, and I agree, it's overwhelming. I'm currently making my own shop linked to my blog to get away from the overwhemingness!

    I'm your newest follower from the Friday Follows - hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

    xo Erin

  10. I love that last necklace! Also I love google reader - I have one for blogs and one for work-related blogs/sites. I also go through my reader on my blackberry which is great when I'm travelling.

  11. I use Google Reader and organize it into folders titled with relevant topics, food, fashion, etc. First bracelet is exquisite.

  12. Devon is actually one of my faves. LOVE that bracelet!



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