A Lilly-ified Nook...Now What To Read?

Monday, September 27, 2010

I bought a nook this weekend!  After reading all the helpful comments on Friday's post I was completely torn between a kindle and a nook, so I went with instant gratification and my love for Lilly Pulitzer and headed to Barnes and Noble to purchase a nook.  I love it!  I've gotten through the book I was reading on my iphone (I immediately added it to the nook), and now I need to find some good books to read!  Any suggestions?  What are y'all reading now?

I really wish I knew of a book club here, but since I don't I'm trying to come up with other options.  Does anyone use goodreads or shelfari? 

I had a hard time choosing between all the cute cover options, but how could I pass up pink and green Lilly Pulitzer!  I went with the one from Barnes and Noble, but I also came across an etsy store, hob-op, with tons of adorable covers for Nook and Kindle.  You can select from one of the available options or even pick your own fabric (maybe a Lilly Pulitzer print...)  Here are a couple covers available in her store.

{Lilly Pulitzer breast cancer awareness fabric}

{Michael Miller to dot fabric}

Besides all the time I spent reading on my new nook - I had a very busy weekend!  On Saturday morning I woke up early and headed to the DMV to (finally) change my car registration to Virginia.  I was a little sad to see my Florida tag go, but my new Virginia plates are FSU themed!

Nicholas is finishing up his surgery rotation in Salem (about two hours from us) and I am not loving it!  I really shouldn't complain too much because we have actually gotten quite lucky with him not having many away rotations this year.  This is his first one though and I hate not seeing him.  He was on call for some of the weekend, but he was able to drive home for the day on Saturday.  Luckily, I have the furbabies to keep me company while he's gone!

Opinions, Please! Jumping on the e-Reader Bandwagon?

Friday, September 24, 2010

This morning, while I should have been getting ready for work, I got sidetracked looking for a book on the Barnes and Noble website.  When I finally found what I was looking for it was only available by digital download.  I know I can read digital books on my mac or my iphone, but I'm starting to think I might want a kindle (or nook).

I've actually been pretty against getting one of these because I just love the feel of a real book (and I'm not convinced they're actually ok for my eyes), but the ability to buy a book from my couch and be able to read it seconds later is starting to seem seriously appealing to my lazy/needing immediate gratification side.

What do y'all think of e-readers?  Does anyone have one?

If I decide to buy one, the next decision is which one!  Kindle or Nook? (Or something even better I don't know about?!)

I have to admit I am leaning towards the nook - for no other reason than the super cute Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade covers!  How fabulous are these?!

{nook cover images via Barnes and Noble}

There are some cute designer covers available for the Kindle (from Diane von Furstenburg and Lesportsac), but they aren't quite my style.

{kindle cover images via Amazon}

I would love to hear any opinions or advice on these!

Mac + Disney Villains = A Delightfully Dark Collection

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

While perusing the newest People Stylewatch last night I saw that MAC and Disney are collaborating on a Venomous Villains collection!  The dark, rich colors will be so much fun for fall! 

I absolutely love Disney!  Growing up in Orlando I spent what seems like just about every weekend at Disney and I must admit I miss it now that I live so far away.

It looks like they will have collections for Cruella de Vil, The Evil Queen (from Snow White), Maleficent, and Doctor Facilier (from the Princess and the Frog - which I've never seen).  My favorite by far is Maleficent.  I love the dark purple and green hues ...especially with a little shimmer! 


 Nail Lacquer:


I really have no idea what to do with pigments, but they are just so sparkly and fun!

What do y'all think of Venomous Villains?

{all images via}

Fun Friday: Tag!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fabulous CT Cupcake tagged me in the 8 questions game earlier this week!

1. How/where did you meet your best friend?

Nicholas is definitely my best friend and we met at FSU.  We met for the first time at the gym during our freshman year of college...and then discovered that we actually lived in the same dorm!  We got to be very good friends that year, but the timing just wasn't right for us (to start dating).


We sort of fell out of touch the next year and didn't see each other again until the fall of our junior year.  We happened to run into each other in front of Wescott fountain (a very well known image of FSU) one morning when my 8am class happened to let out early and Nicholas was running late for his 9am class (two things that were very out of the ordinary).  We started dating a few weeks later!

2. What would your theme song(s) be?
I have no idea!  I think I would have to have a whole soundtrack so the song could change along with my mood!

3. Name an accomplishment in your life you are proud of.
I don't really have one thing in mind.  I suppose I would have to say I'm proud of myself for being confident (but not overconfident) and not being afraid to be myself.

4. Where is one place you really, really want to visit?
For some reason I really want to go to Istanbul.

5. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Recently I have been a little boring with ice cream and my favorite flavor has been vanilla covered in tons of rainbow sprinkles.  In high school my favorite flavor used to be bubble gum...the kind with tons of little pieces of gum in the ice cream.  I hate chocolate ice cream.


6. One item of clothing or accessory you are dying to own?
I am always falling in love with another pair of fabulous heels.  Currently I'm lusting after these...

 Pedro Garcia Satin Grosgrain-Trim Pump

Diego Dolcini Flower Peep Toe with Jeweled Stiletto

Butter Chuchu Peep Toe Pump

Louboutin Lace Crepe-de-Chine Pump

7. What are your guilty pleasures?
Oh my goodness I probably have so many!  Watching the Vampires Diaries (I am obsessed), eating candy every day, and playing the Sims 3 for hours!

8. What made you decide to start a blog?
I fell in love with blogs when I started planning our wedding, but it wasn't until a friend told me that she had started a blog that it occurred to me to actually start my own.

I think I'm supposed to come up with 8 new questions now to pass along....so here they are!

1.  What is your favorite item (clothing, shoes, accessory) in your closet.
2.  Are you superstitious?
3.  Do you recycle?
4.  What website do you visit daily?
5.  Are you right-handed or left-handed?
6.  What is a goal you would like to (or have) achieved this year?
7.  Do you have any nicknames?
8.  What is your favorite season?

I'm passing this fun tag game along to these lovely bloggers...
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Today Is A Big Day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mason now officially weighs more than the Poe Cat! That might not seem like a big deal, but when we brought him home he weighed 5.4 lbs (to Poe Cat's 16)!  Last night Mason weighed in at 17.  He will be 4 months old on Wednesday and I can't believe how much he's grown in just a few months!

Mason now...

{follow up vet visit after his sick overnight iv trip...hence the half shaven puppy leg}

and Mason as a little teeny...

Last week was so busy! We got back from our 24 hour Florida trip on Monday afternoon (Labor day). Hubs and I had such fun at the wedding! It was great to spend time with so many friends that we never get to see anymore. I absolutely love Virginia, but sometimes just so hard living here when everyone else we know from Florida is still there and still gets to see each other.

On our way home from the airport we ran a few errands and I was so excited to see these back in stores for fall!


I've already eaten an entire bag of them (and bought another)...somebody stop me!

On Tuesday my blackberry decided to give up on life and stop working. I had been thinking about switching to an iphone for awhile (hubs has one and I love it) and this pushed my decision. I love it! Now I just need to get a fun case, but the super cute Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade cases aren't for the iphone 4! Any suggestions on where to get a pretty iphone 4 case?

Rosh Hashanah began on Wednesday night and this year I decided to try making challah. I've never attempted it before, so I was a little worried how it might turn out. As I was standing in my kitchen trying to figure out which counter space to use for kneading the dough, I spotted my stand mixer...and realized that I could use the dough hook instead of kneading by hand! So much easier and my dough turned out great! I searched around and found an incredibly helpful tutorial for weaving the dough on online. (I put both the recipe I used and the tutorial on my recipe blog here).

Not to toot my own horn, but I am so excited to report that it turned out so well! I kind of couldn't believe it!

After such a busy last week Nicholas and I had a relaxing weekend.  I hope everyone else was able to do the same!  I missed spending time in blog land last week and will definitely be catching up on posts!  What has everyone else been up to?

Cue The Confetti...Kate Spade Twirl!

Friday, September 3, 2010

I just opened this email about Kate Spade twirl and fell in love!  This picture makes me think of a Mad Men cocktail party!

Besides the fragrance items, here are a few other sparkly lovelies from Kate Spade twirl!

All this has put me in the mood for a cocktail party!  Luckily, hubs and I are taking a (very) short trip to Florida this weekend for one of his fraternity brother's wedding!  We are leaving Sunday morning, the wedding is Sunday evening, and we'll be heading back to Virginia on Monday.  I just love planning around a med student's schedule...

Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

Spectacular Shopping + A Little Puppy Drama

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We've had quite a busy time around here lately! I did some great shopping over the weekend and picked up these fabulous shoes for 75% off!  Pour la Victoire is one of my favorite shoe brands.  I am all about a statement shoe and I think just about every time I see a pair of their shoes I fall in love. 


I also hit up the J. Crew warehouse sale in town this weekend and got some great stuff!  This was my first experience with a warehouse sale and it was crazy!  They handed you a trashbag and a price list when you walked in the door and then you just started going through boxes!  It was actually kind of fun!

{warehouse sale purchases...and Poe Cat wanted his picture made}

With the incredible warehouse sale prices and a 30% off friends and family coupon I think Nicholas and I ended up spending about $125.  He got three pairs of chinos and I got a cardigan, three tops, a blazer, a coat, a bathing suit, and a pair pants!

After my shopping frenzy of a weekend things were starting to settle down until Monday night when our little Mason puppy got sick.  He was his normal crazy, playful self and then all of the sudden he started vomiting!  When it kept going on hubs and I got really nervous and took him to the emergency vet.  The vet did an x-ray and it turns out our crazy little pup had eaten just about everything he could get his mouth on...including a feather and couple little rocks!  I guess he must have eaten rocks when he was laying outside in the grass, but the feather...I have no idea.  We don't even have a down comforter that he could have chewed in our house because I'm allergic.

He ended up spending the night on an IV at the emergency vet and then I picked him up the next morning and took him to his regular vet.  They put him back on fluids there for the day and when I picked him up yesterday afternoon he was doing much better!  We were so worried about him...leaving him at the vet overnight and then again the next day was so hard! 

I didn't want Poe Cat to be left out so here's a cute picture of him playing with pillows on the guest bed!


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