Opinions, Please! Jumping on the e-Reader Bandwagon?

Friday, September 24, 2010

This morning, while I should have been getting ready for work, I got sidetracked looking for a book on the Barnes and Noble website.  When I finally found what I was looking for it was only available by digital download.  I know I can read digital books on my mac or my iphone, but I'm starting to think I might want a kindle (or nook).

I've actually been pretty against getting one of these because I just love the feel of a real book (and I'm not convinced they're actually ok for my eyes), but the ability to buy a book from my couch and be able to read it seconds later is starting to seem seriously appealing to my lazy/needing immediate gratification side.

What do y'all think of e-readers?  Does anyone have one?

If I decide to buy one, the next decision is which one!  Kindle or Nook? (Or something even better I don't know about?!)

I have to admit I am leaning towards the nook - for no other reason than the super cute Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade covers!  How fabulous are these?!

{nook cover images via Barnes and Noble}

There are some cute designer covers available for the Kindle (from Diane von Furstenburg and Lesportsac), but they aren't quite my style.

{kindle cover images via Amazon}

I would love to hear any opinions or advice on these!


  1. NOOK!!!!



  2. Great post! I want one too and don't know which one I'd get, but am leaning towards the Nook due to the covers too. ;) The Nook also has some color on the bottom of the screen which the Kindle does not.

  3. I really want an e-reader,but am having a lot of trouble jumping on the bandwagon as I do love the feel of real books. I also want an ipad, so I might just do that and then get the kindle plug in that works the same as the kindle minus the light assistance the kindle has.

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  5. I got a kindle about two months ago. I LOVE IT! It came highly recommended to me from my mother-in-law.

    Brett yells at me for reading all the time!

    Maura has the nook and she loves it too. I guess the good thing about the nook is you can read for free at B&N and you can share for 14 days with another nook user.

    Brett was convinced I needed the Kindle because his mom had it. I got one of the Diane Von Furstenberg covers but it is black and white I love it. But I will admit I took it to B&N to see if it would fit in the Lilly cover. Sadly it did not!

    I love that I can buy new books that are only in hard cover for 9.99 from where ever in the US I am!

    I am almost finished with Oprah's new book club book Freedom. We are discussing it at a book club in my office.

  6. i was against the e reader too, but *almost* committed to getting a nook. It would be perfect for traveling, especially since I am a fast reader, I tend to carry around many books, which is tough on the suitcase weight!

  7. I'm so close to asking for a nook for my birthday! I think when I finally get it, it will be like the first time I travelled with an ipod instead of a cd player and cds. Of course I'll still probably throw a just-in-case book in my suitcase.

  8. I have a kindle and I love it. I was skeptical about it being okay for the eyes, and I have not had any trouble yet. I do love the feel and the smell of a real book, but the discounted prices of books and the ability to get them so fast, makes it worthwhile.
    I don't know too much about the Nook, but I haven't heard anything bad. Those LP and Kate Spade cover might sway my opinion if I were you :) haha

  9. I love holding actual books in my hands, too, so I had resisted getting an ereader. However, it would come in so handy for reading while on travel or for reading books that are only in ebook form. From what I have seen in reviews, the newest Kindle is supposed to be easiest on the eyes, so that it what I'm leaning toward getting (or begging for for Christmas).

  10. Nook! Nook! Nook! NOOK!

    As Em mentioned I am absolutely OBSESSED. My friend Andrea has one and we share books all the time. It's great because while I'm reading one she's reading another and then we can swap/discuss.. SO GREAT! :) And now I'd have another friend to share with!

  11. I was always hesitant about making the leap to an e-reader for the same reason as everyone else, I LOVE everything about real books! The look, feel, smell, you name it, I can never get enough. That said, I am tickled pink with my Sony e-reader (not necessarily my first choice, husband got it for me). I take it everywhere and is perfect for the books that I wouldn't buy in a hardback cover. Also, most libraries have a decent selection of e-books you may borrow, and you can download them on the spot. I have read that the Nook has the largest selection of titles and with those gorgeous covers, I think if I had to do it again, I would go with the Nook!

  12. You have been nominated for a blog award!

  13. Hubs has been trying to buy me an E-reader and I refuse to make the switch. I love the smell of a book. And I would be way to scared to take them outside by the pool.

  14. With those pretty prints, I am veeeery tempted to join you!



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