Today Is A Big Day!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mason now officially weighs more than the Poe Cat! That might not seem like a big deal, but when we brought him home he weighed 5.4 lbs (to Poe Cat's 16)!  Last night Mason weighed in at 17.  He will be 4 months old on Wednesday and I can't believe how much he's grown in just a few months!

Mason now...

{follow up vet visit after his sick overnight iv trip...hence the half shaven puppy leg}

and Mason as a little teeny...

Last week was so busy! We got back from our 24 hour Florida trip on Monday afternoon (Labor day). Hubs and I had such fun at the wedding! It was great to spend time with so many friends that we never get to see anymore. I absolutely love Virginia, but sometimes just so hard living here when everyone else we know from Florida is still there and still gets to see each other.

On our way home from the airport we ran a few errands and I was so excited to see these back in stores for fall!


I've already eaten an entire bag of them (and bought another)...somebody stop me!

On Tuesday my blackberry decided to give up on life and stop working. I had been thinking about switching to an iphone for awhile (hubs has one and I love it) and this pushed my decision. I love it! Now I just need to get a fun case, but the super cute Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade cases aren't for the iphone 4! Any suggestions on where to get a pretty iphone 4 case?

Rosh Hashanah began on Wednesday night and this year I decided to try making challah. I've never attempted it before, so I was a little worried how it might turn out. As I was standing in my kitchen trying to figure out which counter space to use for kneading the dough, I spotted my stand mixer...and realized that I could use the dough hook instead of kneading by hand! So much easier and my dough turned out great! I searched around and found an incredibly helpful tutorial for weaving the dough on online. (I put both the recipe I used and the tutorial on my recipe blog here).

Not to toot my own horn, but I am so excited to report that it turned out so well! I kind of couldn't believe it!

After such a busy last week Nicholas and I had a relaxing weekend.  I hope everyone else was able to do the same!  I missed spending time in blog land last week and will definitely be catching up on posts!  What has everyone else been up to?


  1. You are one busy lady! The bread looks delish!

    Hooray for fall candy :) Love candy corn!

  2. Look at all that cuteness!! They grow so fast, especially when you look back at their "baby" pictures!!

    I've been wanting to switch only bc I want a Jonathan Adler or Lilly case!!

    Your challah looks picture perfect. I've only tried the dough hook once without great success. But you mastered it, clearly!

  3. We had a relaxing weekend too!
    My husband and I bake raisin bread (pictures on my blog). But ours was made in a bread maker and doesn´t look as good as yours.

  4. your puppy is way too cute! I got my iphone case at the apple store it's Kate Spade and they had Lilly as well. Your bread looks amazing and those pumpkin candies are my fav!


  5. I remember when we first got our dog, our cat felt so heavy. Now our dog is a giant and our cat (16 lbs) feels light as air!

    Our puppy is getting neutered today. I feel so sad for him.

  6. Mason is adorable .. its amazing how fast these furbabies grow.. Dolce was a whole 2 lbs , when we first brought him home and is now a full grown 7 lbs..

    Your bread turned out beautiful!!! Happy Holidays my friend..HHL

  7. Mason is pup just turned 3 and the photos I found of her small stages make me miss it sooo much. Soak him up being small, he will have plenty of time to be big!!! :0)

    I can't believe you made that beautiful challah on your first try. I failed miserably at making a regular loaf of bread. Toot your horn all you want!

  8. What an adorable puppy! Mine is almost a year old and I wish he was still that small. I just wanted to let you know that I love your blog. I have a giveaway going on at my blog if you want to check it out!

  9. I am so trying to make the challah bread this weekend!

    am also tagging you with the 8 questions

  10. Wow! I'm so impressed with your challah bread! And your dog is adorable!

  11. Don't they grow so quickly!! When I pull out Louis' first little sweater I can hardly believe he was ever that small :)

    I've never had challah, but it sure does look pretty! Way to go!

  12. There is a kate spade iphone 4 case! just saw it on the kate spade site last night!

  13. New to your blog and wanted to say hi- I love it. Your dog is just precious! They do grow fast! Oh and your bread is just perfection. Looking forward to reading more :) xoxo

  14. oh WOW... that is a gorgeous pastry!! i could absolutely never do that.
    i'm your newest blog follower, by the way!! am in love with your title!!

  15. aaah Mason is sooo cute, he's getting to be such a big boy :-) I think he looks ALOT like our Homie, but minus the Brindle. I wish we could trade names, too. Joe named Mister Homie. I prefer Mason :-) just saying haha



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