Spectacular Shopping + A Little Puppy Drama

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We've had quite a busy time around here lately! I did some great shopping over the weekend and picked up these fabulous shoes for 75% off!  Pour la Victoire is one of my favorite shoe brands.  I am all about a statement shoe and I think just about every time I see a pair of their shoes I fall in love. 


I also hit up the J. Crew warehouse sale in town this weekend and got some great stuff!  This was my first experience with a warehouse sale and it was crazy!  They handed you a trashbag and a price list when you walked in the door and then you just started going through boxes!  It was actually kind of fun!

{warehouse sale purchases...and Poe Cat wanted his picture made}

With the incredible warehouse sale prices and a 30% off friends and family coupon I think Nicholas and I ended up spending about $125.  He got three pairs of chinos and I got a cardigan, three tops, a blazer, a coat, a bathing suit, and a pair pants!

After my shopping frenzy of a weekend things were starting to settle down until Monday night when our little Mason puppy got sick.  He was his normal crazy, playful self and then all of the sudden he started vomiting!  When it kept going on hubs and I got really nervous and took him to the emergency vet.  The vet did an x-ray and it turns out our crazy little pup had eaten just about everything he could get his mouth on...including a feather and couple little rocks!  I guess he must have eaten rocks when he was laying outside in the grass, but the feather...I have no idea.  We don't even have a down comforter that he could have chewed in our house because I'm allergic.

He ended up spending the night on an IV at the emergency vet and then I picked him up the next morning and took him to his regular vet.  They put him back on fluids there for the day and when I picked him up yesterday afternoon he was doing much better!  We were so worried about him...leaving him at the vet overnight and then again the next day was so hard! 

I didn't want Poe Cat to be left out so here's a cute picture of him playing with pillows on the guest bed!


  1. Oh, poor puppy! I always feel so powerless when one of the kitties gets sick. I'm glad to hear Mason is doing better.

    JCrew warehouse sale sounds great! I wish it would come to my town. I also keep wanting to hit the JCrew outlet out in the Lynchburg area, but haven't made the drive out there yet.

  2. are you in cville?! b/c I am and hit both the scarpa and jcrew sales this weekend!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that Mason is okay! When I saw your tweet I was worried sick. Puppies are like that though, aren't they? Eating anything and everything. I've been there with Louis, and it has scared me to death!!

    Glad to hear Poe cat is doing just dandy as well :)

    And those purchases!!! All of that for $125? Clearly I need to head to YOUR Smalltown, VA for the next warehouse sale. Shazam!

  4. Cuuuuute shoes! I love PlV too! Poor sweet little puppy dog! So glad he's ok. Mine ate rocks all the time when she was a baby, but it never hurt her.

  5. i am a new follower and i just love the posts! especially the pictures of Mason and your cat:) too cute

  6. Poor puppy - he's so cute. I wish my puppy was still as small as that!

  7. Glad to hear your scare with Mason is over! How nerve-wracking. I also think I have the coat you bought--is it black velvet, double breasted with gold buttons to the knee? I love wearing it as a fancier overcoat when the weather dips! ;)

  8. Poor puppy! So glad that he is ok. Those little ones will eat all kinds of stuff that will make you wonder. And they don't always grow out of it either. But the important thing is that he is A-okay.

    I need to find a warehouse sale here!

  9. Glad sweet Mason is alright. I had some puppy drama at the veterinarian last Easter so I know how terrible it is to worry about your fur baby.

  10. Fabulous shoes! I really need to find a warehouse sale! Your poor puppy! Glad he's doing better!


  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your pup, but I'm glad he's better!

    Your cat is such a charmer. Love him!

  12. So glad to hear that your pup is on the mend! They're so adorable when they're little, but they get into the strangest shenanigans. Eating everything in sight would be included on that list for sure.

    So jealous of your warehouse sale haul! Congrats!

  13. I must have missed the part where you got a puppy but oh my GAWD he's adorable and I love the name Mason. but seriously *puppy love* ... and so scary when your little one gets ill. I totally feel for you, and glad to hear he's doing better. i remember my folks golden doodle ate 7 LARGE rocks (we saw on an xray cuz he was acting soooo sad) and we had no choice but to wait until they passed.. well he 1 by 1 vomited them up but it sure was scary. he was back to him oldself shortly though. and my pup bondi ate EVERYTHING also.. chicken bones was the worst :( had me scared for days. just waiting for our little newbie homie to get into some trouble but so far so good!



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