Happy Passover and Springtime Decorating

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last night was the beginning of Passover and to celebrate the husband and I went to a seder at another med student's house. We had such a great time and the dean even stopped by for a little while!

I could not be happier that spring has arrived and although I've been super busy lately I've already started adding some spring touches to our home. While I was out and about picking up Passover stuff yesterday I found some fun Spring goodies at Marshalls!

I definitely don't have a shortage of notecards, but these were just too cheerful and springy to pass up!

I'm thinking I'll have to bake a fun Passover dessert and put this to good use this week!

One of my (and probably everyone else's) favorite things about spring is the flowers. I love having fresh flowers in our home, and although that is still an option during the winter, spring flowers are just so bright and pretty!

(Arranging flowers is definitely not my strong suit...)

I have a slight obsession with vintage milk glass. I bought these two vases at a cute little store we found this weekend while my parents were visiting. I also got this pretty green glass vase that I think will look nice in our bedroom.

I decided to add some yellow to our living room to brighten it up for spring too! I'm working on new artwork (pictures coming soon), but I thought the yellow flowers (above) and this fun yellow candle from Target were a good start!

The Poe Cat was excited for me to empty my bags from shopping so he could play with them!

What do you do to update your home for spring?

The Mascara Follow-Up

What a busy week! I've been meaning to write a follow-up to my mascara post for days and I'm just now getting to it! First of all, thank you so much for all of your mascara advice, opinions, and comments! (Side note: How do I reply to someone's comment? I can't figure it out!) After work last Friday I decided to head to Sephora and make a mascara decision! Here's what I ended up with:

I love my Shu Uemura eyelash curler!

Clinique High Impact Mascara

I was surprised at how very black this one is...it was definitely blacker than several of the others I looked at. I must admit, even after several of your rave reviews about this mascara, I was still a little unsure that Clinique mascara would have what I was looking for. So far I love it...the color is fabulous, it lengthens, thickens, and doesn't clump! My favorite thing about this mascara...it comes off completely (and super easily) with soap and water! With DiorShow there was always a little residue left on my lashes after washing my face that I had to remove with makeup removing wipes...not the case with Clinique!

I also came home with a tube of Imju Fiberwig Tiny Sniper

This mascara has tiny little fibers in it that are supposed to give "false eyelash like" results. The Tiny Sniper is good for making sure you don't miss the corner and (I think) lower lashes. I think I'm going to buy a tube of Fiberwig and try it out too, but probably not for everyday wear.

I'm also intrigued by these mascaras and I'm thinking I'll have to try them out in the future!

tarte MultiplEYE

Too Faced Lash Injection

Benefit BADgal Lash

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Fashion Friday: Sunshine-Inspired Finds!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday! We've taken a serious step away from our lovely Spring weather today in Virginia...it's cold and rainy today! Yuck! All this rain has me wishing for sunshine and bright colors...particularly yellow. Although yellow is a great complement to pink and green (faves!) I have never really been that crazy about yellow alone. Lately, however, I've fallen in love with yellow! Unfortunately for me...my skin tone and yellow do not play together nicely. I can wear yellow skirts and maybe a few yellow accessories, but yellow dresses and tops are out! :( Even though I can't wear them all (and I'm super jealous of all of you that can pull off yellow) here are some of my favorite yellow items out right now.

Arden B Rose Front Tube Dress

Seychelles Chemise Wedge

Kate Spade Dorothy Dress

Leifsdottir Silk Obi Blouse

Trina Turk Etiquette Dress

Boden Patent Stripe Tote

Lilly Pulitzer Lovell Shift

Talbots Flower Thongs

LOFT Wide Strap Wedge

Is anyone else loving yellow right now?

Mascara Opinions Wanted

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I must say, mascara is by far my favorite makeup item. I don't really wear that much makeup (unless I have somewhere fun to go), but mascara is always a must! Lately, I've been feeling incredibly unsatisfied with my current mascara. What kind of mascara do you use?

I have been using DiorShow Blackout and until recently I've loved it! The last two tubes I've had seemed to get thick/old quicker than usual. I like sort of dramatic mascara (super black, lengthening) and I have no idea what else to try! Any recommendations?

I think it might be time for a new eyelash curler too. I feel like I never know what I'm looking for in an eyelash curler (is there something to look for?).

What eyelash products do you use?

Don't forget to leave a comment here for my A. Tierney bangle giveaway!

100 Followers Giveaway and Socialite Tag!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I have two exciting things to share today! First, I am elated and cannot believe that I have reached 100 followers! When I started this blog I thought it would be fun, but I had no idea how much I would really love the blog world! To celebrate I'm having my first giveaway: this super cute A. Tierney bangle! Just leave a comment for a chance to win!
Susan G. Komen Bangle - Pink Cherry Blossom
(picture from A. Tierney's website)

On to more fun...Thanks so much to Glitterista and Sara Elizabeth from Just Don't Quit. Ever. for crowning me a Socialite!

1. Who is your style icon? I try to look for style inspiration in all kinds of people and places. Classic Jackie O style is definitely at the top of my list. I'm also inspired by Elizabeth Montgomery's style as Samantha Stevens in Bewitched (y'all know I am in love with that show), especially during the first few seasons.

2. What is your favorite socialite lit book? How to Walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton

3. Favorite party theme? Vintage with sparkling crystal and touches of lace (but nothing too frilly or overdone)

4. Go to Halloween costume? I'm honestly not huge on Halloween. However, my favorite costume I saw this past Halloween was a girl dressed as Scarlett O'Hara (wearing the green dress Mammy from drapes for her to wear to meet Rhett Butler in jail).

5. Extravagance you cannot live without? My ever-growing collection of fabulous Lilly Pulitzer (sprinkled with some Trina Turk) dresses.

6. Living person you admire? Both of my parents.

7. Greatest Fear? I am terrified of something happening to any of the people (and pets) that I love dearly.

8. Trait you deplore in yourself? I am such a perfectionist and pretty tightly wound. I don't like doing anything unless I can do it perfectly (which, let's face it, can be pretty unattainable and frustrating at times).

9. Which talent would you most like to have? I really wish I could speak another language fluently. I took four years of French in high school and five semesters of Italian in college, but since I never use it I hardly remember anything!

10. Greatest Achievement? My absolutely wonderful relationship with my husband.

Back in Action!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Monday blog friends! I cannot believe it’s been a whole week since my last post! Last week was super long, busy, and honestly sort of miserable. I was so insanely busy at work and not sleeping very well (or very much) as a result...not fun! I’m starting this week with lots of positive thoughts so hopefully this one will turn out better! It’s already off to a good start because today I’m wearing the fabulous pink enamel bracelet I received in my spring swap gift from Mrs. JDEIII. Here’s a picture of all the fabulous things she sent me:

Although last week was quite dreadful...the weekend was delightful! My in-laws came to visit. They arrived in time for us to go to dinner on Friday and then on Saturday we drove to DC for the day to spend some time with my brother-in-law and his wife (who live in Boston, but were visiting friends in DC). It was really wonderful to see everyone!

The in-laws drove up from Florida and brought our wedding and holiday gifts with them. Since we left for Spain from our reception in Florida and returned directly to Virginia, we weren’t able bring anything back with us. My mother shipped some things up, but there were lots of things we decided were too important to mail.

One of my favorite wedding gifts is this beautiful painting given to us by my mother’s best friend. It is so me...I can’t wait to hang it up!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but the husband and I met while in undergrad at FSU and needless to say we are huge Florida State fans! The husband had an FSU themed table for his groom’s cake at our rehearsal dinner and he was excited to get some of our FSU stuff back...especially his Bobby Bowden ball!

We also got a couple FSU reuseable shopping totes that I can’t wait to take to the grocery store! We will definitely be the only people using these at Kroger!

We’re also really excited to finally have some of our holiday items.

Latke platter for Hanukkah

Kiddush cup we used in our wedding ceremony

My MIL also brought us a matzo cover that my husband made in preschool! So precious...I love it!

Since Passover starts in a week she also brought us two boxes of matzo!

One last item we were excited to finally see...our signed guestbook! I made a digital scrapbook to use as our guestbook and it turned out so well. We had a wonderful time reading through the lovely things all our guests wrote!

I hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend! Since I’m trying to avoid another awfully stressful week at work...what do y’all do to avoid/combat stress?

Party Outfit and Fun Home Decor

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The husband and I had such a fun time at the med school party last night! I ended up wearing the Trina Turk dress that I was thinking about yesterday. I had planned on trying on a few other options, but I took a nap when I got home (time change/work after spring break had me completely exhausted) and by the time I woke up I had to make a quick outfit decision!

(Can't tell because we take awful pictures but hubs wore a skinny tie. I LOVE skinny ties...they have such a fun retro/vintage feel!)

Since I'm in the middle of redecorating our bedroom (and now I've got my sights on the living room too) most of my shopping lately has been home related. This past weekend (ok, it was Saturday night) I bought a dyson ball vacuum! I am in love. I tried it out right away and loved it so much that after vacuuming every room I decided to use it on all the woodwork in our home (our apartment is in a very old house so there is a lot of woodwork)! I was one vacuuming obsessed lady!

(I'm pretty sure this picture if from the home shopping network website)

The Poe Cat didn't care too much for the vacuum, but he loved the box!

I had to find something else to amuse him though when he started trying to eat it...

Today after work I headed to Marshalls in search of new picture frames to replace the ones on our nightstands. Despite all the negative things I usually have the say about shopping here, I actually had quite a successful trip! I bought two of these pretty white frames! They definitely go with the room much better than the green ones we currently have. I also bought a fun, springy ironing board cover!

(I'm not sure there is any way to take an attractive picture of an ironing board, but you get the idea...)

I was feeling crafty when I got home so I used the leftover ribbon I had from updating our lampshades and made this little ribbon board.

I love it, but I don't know what to put on it! Pictures I suppose? I'm obviously slightly obsessed with DIY decor projects lately! Do y'all have any fun things you've made around your home? Where do you get DIY decor inspiration/ideas?

Party Time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Right now the husband is taking his last exam of his week and a half of finals! I am so proud of him...and so happy for him to be finished! To celebrate the end of their second year of med school there is a huge party tonight (an actual party with suits and dresses...not a kegger)! It's an annual party thrown this time every year by the current second year class. This has me thinking two things: (1) yay! I get my hubby back (at least for one night before he gets back to studying for the USMLE which he takes in the beginning of April) and (2) which dress should I wear?! Right now I'm thinking about this Trina Turk dress that I bought a few months ago and haven't had a reason to wear yet...

I have a serious addiction to dresses! It's starting to feel like Spring and I'm loving all the super cute options out right now. Here are some of my faves:

J. McLaughlin - Harbor dress

J. McLaughlin - Gilchrist dress

Lilly Pulitzer - Lulu dress (I have this dress from fall 09 and I love it!)

Jules Reid - The Harrison dress

Jules Reid - La Mer dress

Zac Posen - Colorblock Vector dress

Milly - Water Lilly dress

What are your favorite dresses out this spring?


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