3 Day Weekend: Cupcakes, Shopping, and Fun!

Monday, May 31, 2010

I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend! I desperately needed some time off. Nicholas and I wanted to get away for a night so we decided to head to Georgetown on Saturday. I got up super early on Saturday morning to volunteer at a children's running event and then we left as soon as I got home. We ate lots of yummy food (a definite must for any trip) and I did a little (ok...a lot) of shopping!

I must admit my favorite food highlight of the trip was our discovery of Georgetown Cupcake!

There was a line outside the door to buy these delightful cupcakes, but definitely worth the wait! I tried to talk hubs into buying a half dozen (seemed completely fine to me), but he seemed to think eating 3 cupcakes was a lot! Nicholas got the two cupcakes on the left: Chocolate Coconut and Peanut Butter Fudge, and I lot the two on the right: Vanilla Birthday and Red Velvet. So yummy!

I checked out their website after our visit and found out they ship! Haha that could be dangerous...

On Saturday night we went to J. Pauls for dinner. I love their soft pretzels with mustard (they bring out instead of bread) and tasty oysters!

(Goofy picture we took in the elevator mirror on our way back from dinner)

Here are some of my shopping highlights...

Fun green bangle from Fornash!

Green Thumb Belt (Anthropologie)

Unintentionally keeping with Friday's blue and yellow theme I'm wearing this belt with turquoise pumps and a yellow skirt today! It's a little matchy-matchy with the heels and the belt, so I threw in the pink bag to break it up.

Apparently I just cannot get enough of blue heels lately because I fell in love with these bright blue beauties from Aldo too!
Douvier Pumps (Aldo)

I love full skirts! They have such a fun, retro feel!
Pulsations Skirt (Anthropologie)

These were just too cute to pass up!
Eyelet Peep Toe Wedge (Bandolino)

We got home Sunday evening and then had a relaxing, but productive, day yesterday...we started packing for our move! Less than two weeks to go!

Did anyone else get away this weekend? Any good shopping adventures?

Fashion Friday: A Color Combo I Always Love

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I've been trying to come up with color schemes to decorate when we move and I've realized that (besides pink and green) yellow and blue is one color combination that just never gets old for me! There's an article about color palettes in the June issue of InStyle that features blue, steel, and yellow as one of the color combinations to try. I think I just might!

Not only do I love this combo for decorating, but it's fabulous for creating outfits too!

I am in LOVE with this blue and yellow Adam dress from the Outnet. Since they don't have my size and I have no reason to buy it anyways...I decided to peruse some of my favorite stores for other delightful blue and yellow items.

I love a good ruffle!
Love a Good Ruffle...

I bought this adorable full yellow skirt at Anthropologie yesterday. Fitted t-shirts tucked in to full skirts are my go to outfit during the summer. Besides blue and white, what other colors do you pair with yellow?

What do you think of yellow and blue? Would (have) you ever used this combo to decorate a room?

My First 8k and A Potentially Crazy Idea

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I ran the Run Like a Girl 8k in Richmond this past weekend. It was my first trail race and so much fun! The trail was in a beautiful state park...but it was so hilly! Since I didn't really train for this (at all) I didn't want to push myself too hard. I walked up a few of the really difficult hills and finished in 54 minutes.

It was a little warm out, but because of the antibiotic I'm taking for the stupid tick bite I had to wear long sleeves and TONS of sunscreen. The medicine makes my skin super sensitive to the sun. I went for a run one morning last week at about 6 am and when I got home my legs looked like I had a serious sunburn or heat rash! Luckily it went away in about an hour. I was so worried it would happen again this weekend, but luckily I finished the race just as pale as I began it!

(Apparently I make odd faces when I run...)

There is another Run Like a Girl 8k in October that I'm thinking of running. I am in love with races...I want to find more! A few weeks ago I was looking for races online (trying to find something in Florida around Thanksgiving) and I came upon the Women's Half Marathon in St. Pete.

I'm thinking about running it! (Which I realize might be a little crazy since I just ran my first 5 mile race...) I would definitely have to train for this one (which I have no idea how to do) and I don't really care if I ended up walking a little. It would be amazing to run a race without hills too! Opinions?! Is this a crazy idea? How do you train for a half marathon?

Fashion Friday: Lilac Love

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lately I have been in love with lilac! How fabulous are these dresses from Marchesa spring/summer 2010?

You know I love anything that feels vintage and lilac screams vintage romance to me. My obsession started last week when I was choosing a nail polish color for my pedicure. I wasn't in the mood for pink (crazy...I know!) and I'm not really a red girl...and then I saw OPI's Do You Lilac It! Love!

I adore all of these lilac items!


Lilac Dresses

Lilac Accessories

What colors are you loving right now? Does anyone else love lilac?

Running Drama and The Versatile Blogger Award!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Where has this week gone? I have so many things I want to post about and I just haven't had time! I've been having such running drama lately and I'm getting ready to run my first 8k this weekend!

The last couple weeks have been such a running fail for me! I sort of lost motivation after being sick a few weeks ago, but then finally got myself out for a run that weekend. When I got home from my run I noticed an itchy bug bite on my leg, but being from Florida I figured it was probably a mosquito bite and forgot about it.

A few days later I noticed it had turned into a 'bulls-eye' rash with a red ring around the bite! I also noticed that my lymph nodes were swollen. I wasn't even finished with my antibiotics from the last time I had been to the doctor and really didn't want to go back again! Hubs told me I needed to go, but I was being hard headed and stubborn and decided to just wait and see if it changed. The next day the red ring went away, but my lymph nodes were still swollen so I gave in and went to the doctor. She told me I was most likely bitten by a tick and prescribed me three more weeks of antibiotics! (I hate taking antibiotics...)

That whole situation didn't help my lack of running motivation! I did manage to get in a 5 mile treadmill run on Monday, but I haven't run since! I'm planning on going for a run tomorrow afternoon...although I'm still a little unsure how Sunday's race is going to go! I'm thinking maybe I'll try to take it really slow or just walk/run if I have to. I don't know! Do any runners have advice on this?

Two fabulous bloggers have tagged me with the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks so much to Adventures Abroad and Juleps and Jon Jons. If you haven't discovered these wonderful blogs yet I definitely recommend checking them out!

1. One of my favorite creative outlets is beading. I really love making jewelry, but at a certain point I just don't know what to do with so many necklaces! I've thought about setting up an etsy shop, but I don't really know if it would be worthwhile or how to go about it. What do y'all think? Does anyone have an etsy shop?

Here are some of my creations...

2. Waking up in the morning is such a process for me. Using an alarm is not the best idea for me because I will keep hitting snooze for nearly an hour. Nicholas wakes me up every morning and I still play the alarm clock game with him. He has to come back several times before I will actually drag myself out of bed and into the shower. When I get out of the shower I still need at least ten or fifteen minutes of "sitting time" to fully wake up before getting ready.

3. Godiva dark chocolate key lime truffles are my favorite chocolates. The morning of our wedding Nicholas sent me a big box of them! Embarrassing side note: Our closest Godiva store is about an hour away at Short Pump and I went there so often last summer the girl who worked there commented on how she always liked my outfits...)

4. I worked at Disney during the summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college. They forgot to make me a name tag so they gave me one with a 'similar' name until they could make mine. My name tag said Frances. I think I had it for a month before I got an Emily name tag. I kept wearing the Frances name tag anyways...

5. I love animals. I always had pets growing up and I can't imagine ever not having pets around. We obviously love the Poe Cat, but we are also going to get a dog when we move. I can't wait! I miss being around my parent's dog, Riley.

The Poe Cat


6. I detest voicemail. I never listen to it. It actually kind of stresses me out when people leave me voicemails...I have no idea why.

7. I've never been that into team sports. I thought about playing basketball (I have no idea why!) in third grade, but I quit before the first practice because I thought the shoes were ugly.

I've loved reading everyone else's list for this award! It's so fun learning more about y'all so I tag anyone who hasn't gotten to play along yet!

Fashion Friday: Lilly Pulitzer, Summery Finds, and Vintage Style

Thursday, May 13, 2010

TGIF blog friends! I don't know about y'all, but this has been such a long week...I'm so happy for the weekend to get here! I feel like I've been sort of a disorganized blogger lately and I have so many things I keep thinking of to blog about that I feel like I'm all over the place! Here are some of the fashionable things on my mind right now!

In the past few days I have discovered and become obsessed with tumblr! I had never heard about it before, but another blogger mentioned how much she loved it so I thought I should check it out! I definitely haven't completely gotten it figured out yet, but it seems like such a fun place to post all the pretty inspirations I find online! Does anyone else use tumblr? Check out my tumblr page here.

I bought the Marti skirt in Tide Blue from the Lilly Pulitzer sale on RueLaLa yesterday! There were lots of cute items, but not really many that I felt would look great on me (lots of orange and yellow). If I was able to pull off this much yellow I would have definitely snagged this adorable dress!

I am loving some of the summery looks out right now from Trina Turk and Tracy Negoshian! Here are some of my faves:

{Trina Turk}

{Tracy Negoshian}

{Trina Turk}

{Trina Turk}

I adore this one shoulder dress from French Connection too!

If you remember this post from a while ago you already know about my obsession with the show Bewitched! Although there are lots of reasons why I love Bewitched...I really love Samantha's style! In the show they are always having Darrin's clients over for dinner and I love the dresses Samantha wears. I've seen several dresses that have that same vintage look out right now.

Bewitched DressesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Here are a few more fabulous Samantha Stevens outfits!

I love her gloves! I wish women still wore them!

Her capris remind me a little of this picture of Jackie O!

I think the Lilly Pulitzer Tradewind capris (which you know I love) are the perfect way to channel this vintage Jackie O relaxed look!

Where do you get your fashion inspiration?


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