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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I don't know about y'all, but June has been one busy month for me!  I have a feeling July isn't going to be much different and before I know it fall will be here!

One of the (many) things I love about blogging is discovering what everyone else is loving at the moment.  I have a seriously short attention span and I go through such phases with what fashion or hobbies I'm currently obsessing over!  Like at the moment I am so over summer clothes and I can't wait for the more interesting fall collections to arrive, but who knows if next week I'll be feeling super summery and nautical (possibly inspired by the 4th?).  Is anyone else like this?

I think I've decided that Tuesday needs to be current obsessions day!  (After all I think the second work day of the week needs some serious spicing up)!  Here's a peak at what I'm currently loving today!

1.  Jade Green:  I love just about any shade of green (my favorite color), but after purchasing some beautiful jade beads to use for a necklace last week I've found myself head over heels for anything with a super saturated jade green hue!
Green Love

2.  Gardening

Although those gardens are beautiful, I would love to plant a vegetable/herb garden.  It will definitely look nothing like this, but I am in love with this pretty, organized garden!

I found these cute little asparagus and broccoli garden kits at Homegoods this weekend.  I planted them on Sunday (with some help from the Poe Cat) so now I'll have to wait and see if they actually grow!
I stopped at a local gardening store this afternoon and picked up a tomato plant and several herbs that I'm going to plant tonight.  I'm super excited to try gardening!  Do any of y'all have a garden?

3.  Modcloth:  They have such a fabulous selection of pretty things and lots of them have a vintage-inspired feel!  I especially love the huge variety of adorable dresses.

Modcloth Dresses

4.  Finding FSU Fans in Virginia!

This man drove up next to hubs and I yesterday, honked, and started doing the chop.  I LOVE IT!

5.  Benefit Makeup:  I've been in love with benetint (I use it as a lip stain) for quite awhile and I've recently become obsessed with high beam!  They have so many other fabulous products to explore!  Does anyone else love Benefit?  What are your favorite products?

What are your current obsessions?

6 months!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Yesterday was our 6 month wedding anniversary! I can't believe half a year has already passed since our beautifully perfect wedding day.

Me laughing (nicely!) at Nicholas when he started crying during the ceremony

Our wedding planner is featured in the current issue of Central Florida Bride magazine and guess whose wedding she picked to highlight...ours! She coordinated my uncle's wedding celebration on Saturday and brought us a copy of the magazine! I'm so excited! She did such an incredible job with our wedding! Not only was it every bit as beautiful as I imagined, but it was stress-free!

All these pictures where taken by our amazing photographers Brewer Photography and Videography!

Home Decor and Pink and Green Thursday!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I am still deep in the middle of unpacking, but I'm definitely making some progress! I thought I'd share some a few images of our home so far.

Remember the lamp I was planning to paint from this post? it is now! I love the bright yellow color! I added a few coats of acrylic coating over the yellow, but now I'm thinking I might like it better if I add a glossy finish to it. I'm not thrilled with the shade, but I haven't decided what to do about that yet.

I also found these fabulous yellow flowers at World Market! Since Michaels seems to think fall is practically next week I couldn't really find any bright yellow flowers that I liked there. They were all an autumn-y golden yellow shade...not what I want. I was super excited when I stumbled across these in World Market.

Hubs and I made a trip to Calico Home over the weekend and I checked out that lovely lattice fabric from this post. It was absolutely perfect and I ordered enough to make curtains for our living room! I can't wait!

I had never been in there before...but I think I'm in love! You know I have a weakness for delightful prints and patterns and there were just so many!

To play along with Trish's Pink and Green Thursday this week here are some pictures of my craft room so far. It's definitely not finished...but it's getting there!

I made the pink and white storage boxes by covering shoe boxes with this fabulous pink and white wrapping paper I found at Hallmark. I used another shoe box (and some serious tape) to make the file folder holder and then covered that with the wrapping paper so it would match too!

I have such a problem with jewelry storage! I like to be able to easily see my jewelry when I'm putting outfits together, but it looks cluttery if it's all laying out. Here's my solution so far (I'm not in love with it and I change my mind constantly so hopefully I can come up with something a little better)!

(these are hanging on the closet wall)

Since my craft room is my "creative" space, I thought I'd keep my clothes in there too. Lol I definitely think putting together outfits requires creativity so it seemed to make sense! Right now I have most of my skirts/non-folded pants hanging in the jewelry closet and my shirts, dresses, and cardigans in my wardrobe...but I still have a whole closet of clothes I haven't moved yet so I may have to rework this plan! I also commandeered a closet in hubs office for my out of season clothing!

How do y'all organize all your clothes and accessories? I am always trying to come up with a better system!

What a Wonderful Day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

{image via}

Happy Monday! There are so many things I am excited about today that I just had to share!

Today is the Poe Cat's 7th birthday! He loved the felt catnip toy I made him a few months ago so much that I think I'm going to make him another to celebrate!

My uncle is getting married today! He and his fiancee are getting married in the Virgin Islands (I think) and then will be back in Orlando for a huge celebration with family and friends this weekend. Hubs and I are heading to Florida on Friday evening and I can't wait! (On a side note: I find it incredibly entertaining that my uncle (my dad's identical twin) is marrying a lady named Sharon...which also happens to be my mother's name.)

Two very dear friends of my husband and me are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today! This picture of Nicholas and me was taken at their wedding last summer.

It's the Summer Solstice and National wear your Lilly Pulitzer Day! What Lilly did you wear today? Here's my first day of summer Lilly outfit:

Wear Your Lilly Day
This is one of my favorite Lilly skirts! I just love the little ruffles!

Last but not least...several weeks ago the darling Sweet Southern Prep gave me the Sweet Award! I have been so busy with the move that I haven't had a chance to pass this along yet. Her blog is absolutely adorable and I especially love her Monday Manners posts! I'd like to pass this award along to these sweet bloggers...
Pink Preppy Lilly Lover
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Fashion Meets Food

We had such a busy weekend, but I was able to make a serious dent in our unpacking this weekend and I painted my craft room Princess Pink (the actual name of the paint color)! I'll be back tomorrow with lots of fun decorating pictures!

New Home and Sensational Summer Sales

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Happy Friday! Since our move has made me MIA from blogland this week I thought I would give y'all a mini update! We got both the living room and master bedroom painted on Saturday and I LOVE the colors. We were so worn out by the time we finished with those two rooms that I decided to paint my craft room/guest room this weekend.

Right now we are living in a sea of boxes! Hubs hasn't been able to help unpack too much because he was on call Monday (and again today) and he has to study for the exam at the end of his Pediatrics rotation next week. I've been unpacking every day after work...which is totally wearing me out! I can't wait to really be able to unpack/decorate this weekend! Most of my clothes are still packed away, but I did manage to organize my shoe closet!

I've got most of my shoes in there, but I have no idea what to do with my boots!
(The green walls have a little too much yellow in this picture to show the real paint color.)

I'm having such a difficult time finding home decor stuff I like! Our home stores are super limited here and none of them seem to have what I want. I love bright colors and everything available seems to be muted! I need help: does anyone know of any good places to find home decor stuff online?

Here is the fabulous blue color we painted our living room.

Sorry for the boring picture of the blank wall! I will have more exciting pictures once it's decorated.

I've had such a time finding a yellow lamp so today I bought this teal one at TJ Maxx and I'm spray painting it. I have NO idea what I'm doing...but I figured it couldn't be that difficult so I decided to wing it! I put a few coats on it last night, but I think I need more paint so it's drying now and I'm planning to finish it this afternoon. We'll see how it turns out! I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the lampshade yet.

I also want yellow curtains and since I can't find them...I'm thinking of making them too. I'm tempted to order this fabric, but I can't decide if it would make fabulous or crazy looking curtains! Plan B is to get solid (maybe somewhat sheer?) yellow curtains and use the fabric for throw pillows. Opinions?

On a more fashionable topic...there are so many sales going on right now!

In the Pink (Lilly Pulitzer Via Store) - enter code 0615 at checkout!

These are some items I've got my eye on...
Summer Sales

What fabulous summer sales have y'all found? Hopefully I'll have more exciting new home pictures on Monday!

Fashion Friday: Summertime Makeup and Jewelry

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Our big move is so close! I am super distracted at work today because hubs and I are going to buy paint tonight and getting started bright and early tomorrow morning! Although I'm obviously incredibly excited for our's going to be quite warm in the 90s on Sunday. Definitely feeling like summer in Virginia!

This warm summer weather (and my distracted impatience at work today) have me perusing the internet for fun summer items. I stumbled upon MAC To The Beach...and fell in love! How fabulous are these summery makeup products!

{images via}

Although I love the bright colors of summer clothing, I sometimes find myself a little bored because they often lace the details of clothing in other seasons. Plus, I usually add interest to my outfits by layering (which is pretty impossible with summer heat). One of my favorite ways to make summer outfits more fun is with enamel bangles. They're just so bright and cheerful! Here are some fabulous bangles I've found.
Marc by Marc Jacobs






On the topic of summery jewelry...I thought I'd also share my latest jewelry creation.

I found the pink flower on a necklace at Target. I thought it was adorable, but the rest of the necklace was plastic and I didn't really care for it. Luckily, they also had the same flower on a stretchy ring so I bought that instead. It was so simple to take the ring apart and then I was able to make my own necklace with real (not plastic) beads and the pretty pink flower!


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