Pick of the Week: Gold + Sparkles

Friday, December 16, 2011

Seychelles Exclamation Point Pump, $95 (also on sale at Zappos for $75.99 in a few sizes!)

I love the festive feel of these heels.  With their sparkly golden hue and pretty bow they would be great for a holiday party - or a cheerful addition to any outfit.  Maybe a great way to dress up plaid!

Irresistible Illustrations

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Has anyone else noticed (and fallen in love with) the pretty illustrations accompanying the Q&A's in the Dear Lucky section of Lucky magazine?  I've had those pages dog-eared in every issue for the past few months, and finally this month remembered to actually look for the name of the artist. They are from Lauren Friedman whose blog, My Closet in Sketches, I next discovered is a veritable feast for the eyes with all her fabulous illustrations.

Pick of the Week

Friday, December 9, 2011

I have a serious slight obsession with lace.  Combined with my high heel addiction these fabulous shoes are practically screaming to be added to my shoe closet - especially since they are on sale!  The lace pattern is such a fun addition to a basic black pump.

Vince Camuto Sarika Black Lace Pumps

I found these beauties on sale for $79.99 at Dillards, or if they don't have your size (they are sold out of mine!) they are also on sale for $89.99 at Vince Camuto.

Golden Gifts

Thursday, December 8, 2011

I have been crazy busy this week trying to finish up end of semester projects and haven't had time for much else.  However, when I woke up this morning and saw that the sun had finally decided to grace our part of Virginia with it's presence (after several unbearably dreary, rainy days) it seemed like the perfect day to put up the golden gifts post I started working on before finals.  I have somewhat of a love-hate thing going on with gold, but lately gold and I have been in one of the love stages of our relationship and I am constantly finding myself drawn to items with it's shiny finish.

From top left:  Kate Spade Le Pavillion iPhone Case, $40 | Kate Spade Gold Playing Cards, $18 | MANGO Touch Ring Ball, $34.90 | ASOS Metallic Super Skinny Belt, $10.91 | Essie Golden Nuggets, $8 | Kate Spade Sparkler Gia, $95 | Z Gallerie Acanthus Votive Holder, $4.89 | Rifle Paper Co. Gold Painted Stripes Thank You Cards, $18 set of 8 | Urban Outfitters Other Worlds Post Earrings, $18 | Anthropologie Looking Glass Decanter, $48 | Urban Outfitters Peacock Catch-All Dish, $16.99 | Low Luv by Erin Wasson Faceted Boulder Ring, $65 | C Wonder Medallion Notebook, $14 | Coralie Bickford-Smith's F. Scott Fitzgerald Collection; The Beautiful and Damned, $16.50, Flappers and Philosophers, $18.75, The Great Gatsby, $17.10 | Gift Boutique Fortune Cookie Box, $22

Pick of the Week: Holiday Party Heels

Friday, December 2, 2011

Today's High Heeled Pick is actually several pairs of heels, all from BHLDN.  I think BHLDN is mainly geared towards weddings, but holiday parties are another great reason to get dressed up this time of year.  Any of these heels would be a perfect addition to a holiday party outfit.

These last two pairs don't really fit with the holiday party theme, but I fell in love with them and couldn't leave them out!

I don't know why I like these so much.  Honestly, I initially clicked on these because I thought they were ridiculous, but the more I looked at them I decided they just stepped over that fine line from crazy to being fabulous.

I can't think of any occasion besides walking down the aisle to wear these booties, but I love them anyways.  The satin ribbon in the back is beautiful.  Too bad they weren't around in green a couple years ago or I could have worn them for my wedding!

Links:  Polka-Dot D'Orsays | Moon's Realm Booties | Aquiline Pumps | Bombshell Booties | Dorchester Pumps | Tied-and-True Booties


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I hadn't intended to take a blogging break last week, but it ended up being wonderfully busy! We had a fabulous Thanksgiving with tons of family at my grandmother's house and I celebrated my 26th birthday on Saturday (the 26th!). Among lots other great things on my birthday (like FSU beating the Gators) my sister and I did a little shopping.  While in Anthropologie I noticed their cute little DIY charms.  I'm not sure what makes them consider these DIY, but they are adorable nonetheless.  

All charms can be found at Anthropologie

I love how they look like little souvenirs picked up in your travels, or little trinkets from around the house (like they mini lock and keys). The charm on the top right could totally be an earring that's lost it's pair. I am now completely obsessed with the idea of making my own charms out of leftover beads or little things I've collected.

What do y'all think of these?  Has anyone ever made their own charms?

Residency Interview Craziness + Much Needed Shoe Eye Candy

Friday, November 18, 2011

We are well and truly in the middle of residency interviews now and this week has been a little crazy (admittedly more so for Nicholas than me). Monday afternoon I drove him to Dulles (about 2 hours from home) so he could fly to NYC for an interview on Tuesday and another on Thursday. Then last night I drove to North Carolina to pick him up at the airport for his interview at Duke today. Some time this upcoming week he has his interview at UVA and I think he's headed back to New York for another interview again on Monday (or maybe Tuesday?). I can't keep up!  All I know is he'll be back in time for me to pick up my sister from the airport on Wednesday and then we're driving to my grandmother's home for Thanksgiving (and my birthday on the 26th!). Between Thanksgiving and Christmas he has another interview (or maybe a couple more) in NYC, one in Texas, another in Virginia, and one in Florida. I have no idea when though!

Although I am absolutely thrilled for him to have so many interviews and I'm so proud of him - this next month and a half is going to be crazy!

I am definitely in need of some fabulous High-Heeled eye candy! (I would say that hubs is too, but somehow I just don't think looking at shoes will help rejuvenate him). Anyways, how stunning at these heels from Alexander McQueen?!

Skulls aren't my usual choice for embellishment, but I love the contradiction between the lacy, almost delicate, look of the laser-cut shoe and the hard crystal skull adorning the toe. Oh, and of course the 5 inch heel!

Pick of the Week

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veteran's Day and 11-11-11!  (Which, by the way, has to be the coolest date since November 11, 1111 - but I'd much rather be in 2011 so that's okay).

Anyways, I must be in the mood for nude shoes, because even though last week's heels were buff hued and I'm going with another pair this week.  The glossy leather on these Elie Tahari pumps is beautiful and I love the four inch heel.  The bow is of course fabulous and the cut-out near the toe is a fun addition.  Such a perfect shoe!

Abstract Beauty

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I love finding new (or at least new to me) artists.  While perusing Pinterest the other day for abstract painting inspiration I realized that several of the pins I had clicked on were all from the same artist, Michelle Armas.  Naturally I had to explore further and now I've become completely enamored with her work!

I love painting, but I've never tried doing something abstract because I have no idea how to go about it!  Does anyone do abstract art?  Where do you get your inspiration? 

Chicago Bound + Pick of the Week

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hubs and I are headed to Chicago this evening so he can attend his first residency interview tomorrow!!  I cannot believe he is nearly finished with med school and unless he ends up here for residency we will be leaving Virginia this summer.

For this week's High Heeled pick I chose these fabulous pink and nude pumps from Red Valentino.  According to Net-a-Porter, Red stands for Romantic Eccentric Dress (which is fabulous), as well as being their trademark color.  I would like to claim that I searched around for this to go with my pick, but in reality I just spend a lot of time perusing and lusting over various items on their site and randomly happened upon this fun fact.

I love all the little details on these shoes.  The pink scalloped edges are fabulous and I am a sucker for heels with bows.  The pink hue is wonderful, too.  It looks like honeysuckle (Pantone's color of the year).  I'm just so glad to finally see a pink out in the fall that isn't magenta.  I hated that for the past couple years it seemed like that was the only option available.

An Enchanted Halloween

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!  I must admit this is not my favorite holiday.  I don't like scary and/or gross things (aka food shaped like gory versions of body parts or bugs) and I'm not crazy about the usual orange and black hues.  (Or maybe I just wish I wasn't way too old to trick-or-treat).  I do however adore the idea of an enchanted Halloween celebration with a more gothic purple and black color scheme.  I would love to have a Halloween masquerade party and decorate with this theme.

{1}Georgian Bracelets {2}Purple Baroque Charger {3}Phantom Candelabra {4}Swirly Leather Mask from Tom Banwell Designs {5}Metallic Skull {6}Round Pillar Candles {7}Angelique Mirror {8}Seductive Swan Cocktail {9}Juliska Cameron Black Decanter {10}Puccini Glassware Collection

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

High Heeled Pick of the Week

Friday, October 28, 2011

With a blog name like Not Without Heels and my obvious addiction to shoes (case in point - my shoe closet) it really seems like a shame I don't feature more posts about heels.  So - I'm adding a much needed dose of shoes to my blog with a new feature called the High Heeled Pick of the Week every Friday.

These Dior ankle boots are fabulous and seemed perfect for my first pick!  I love ankle boots for fall when the weather isn't quite cold enough that I'm hiding in my Uggs yet, but I still want to wear shoes that feel like cold weather is coming.  I had such fun choosing this week's pick - I can't wait for next Friday!

On another shoe lover related note: Pour La Victoire's sample sale is up on their website right now.

And Suddenly It Was Autumn

Monday, October 17, 2011

After some rather dreary weather last week we had a stunning, sunny weekend here.  On Saturday I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and do some art journaling outside on our back porch.  When I walked out and caught a look at our beautiful backyard I was somewhat stunned to find myself surrounded by all the wonderful fall colors.  I'm not sure if I've just been living under a rock or haven't taken notice because of the less than ideal weather of last week, but the arrival of autumn seemed to happen overnight!

Autumn has always been my favorite season and it's one of the best things about living in Virginia.  It's so breathtakingly beautiful I just want to snuggle up in plaid and lay outside to take in the colors!

Tartan Slims, Anthropologie | Penfield Kuffman Plaid Flannel, Madewell | Favorite Plaid Shirt, American Eagle | Precisely Plaid-matic Skirt, ModCloth

Other images via Pinterest, last photo via firstlightphoto on Etsy

Anyone else so excited for fall that they feel like jumping up and down screaming like an overly excited kid in a candy store (or me in Dylan's candy bar)?

Lady in Red

Friday, October 7, 2011

My latest color crush this fall is red.  I'm usually much more of a pink girl, but lately I keep finding myself drawn to bright, rich red hues.  It must have something to do with autumn because one of my favorite purchases from last fall (or two fall's ago?) was my bright red J. Crew lady day coat.  This fall I'm definitely on the hunt for bright red pants!

{1}MANGO Suit Jacket {2}blanknyc skinny jeans {3}Kate Spade Walker Park Tate {4}Essie Really Red {5}Linea Pelle Collection Sliced Cuff with Sliders {6}Gap Suede Bow Pumps {7}Nine West Flashup Pumps {8}ModCloth Highs and Bows Ring {9}Elva Fields Stop For Style necklace {10}People Tree Ashley Shift Dress {11}all Vogue covers from the Conde Nast store

My only issue with my color obsession du jour is that I can't pair it with green (well, at least not without running the risk of looking like a Christmas tree).  Any other pink lovers finding themselves drawn to red  right now?

Fashion Week - Finally!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm finally putting up a post about my fashion week adventures in NYC!  Besides lots of fun shopping, eating, and spending time with my sister and her roommates here are some of the highlights.  On Thursday night we went to Joe's Jeans in SoHo for Fashion's Night Out.  The streets were so crowded with people it kind of reminded me of being on Burbon Street (I guess because it was so packed - oh and maybe the ridiculous amount of overly drunk people at 9pm).  I usually tend to buy either Paige, J Brand, or Citizens, but after standing by the colored denim wall at Joe's Jeans I think I now want just about every color they have!

We went to see Vanity Fair's Fashion in Film presentation of X, Y, and Zee (with Michael Caine and Elizabeth Taylor) at the Museum of Arts and Design on Saturday.  The movie was a little crazy, but Elizabeth Taylor's outfits were tons of fun!  Has anyone else seen this movie?

The Lela Rose show was on Sunday morning.  Seeing how we don't get too many fashion shows here in Virginia - this was my first one.  It was amazing!  While playing my sister's shadow before the show I got to look at all the outfits hanging backstage ready for the models to wear.  It was great to meet all the people she works with too.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming - which I've got to say was pretty impressive since I imagine fashion week (especially the morning of their show) is not the calmest, low-stress time.

On a side note - I have got to get back on some sort of blogging schedule!  Since I got out of the habit I'm having the hardest time getting regular posts up and I really miss blogging when I don't get a chance to do it.  Does anyone have any good tips for a blogging schedule or keeping up with posting regularly?

NYC + Fashion Week!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but my sister lives in NYC and works for Lela Rose (which is seriously cool).  Last night I flew in to visit her for fashion week!  I'm so excited for a fashion-themed vacation and obviously to spend time with my sister.  I'll post all about my adventures when I get back to Virginia.

Fashion Week illustrations by Gladys Perint Palmer

Happy Fashion Week!

Living Room Makeover

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I finally got around to taking a few pictures of our living room since I've been working on snazzing it up for awhile now.  (Unfortunately my picture taking skills are seriously lacking, but at least you get the idea).

I still need to find a picture of Nicholas and me for this frame, but for now this one is working as a filler.

While I was at it I decided to make a little desk area at one of the tables in the living room.  It's not really anything special, but so far it's been quite useful.

I had some green plastic desk accessories (the tape dispenser and paper clip holder) from college that I wanted to use, but they didn't match anything and were quite honestly pretty ugly.  Since the table is below the painting with the beautiful golden frame I thought I would try painting the green desk stuff with gold leaf I had left over from some other project.  It actually turned out really well!  Such a quick and simple fix!

Glorious Green

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Green has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember.  (With the slight exception of a period in kindergarten when I would only color with the hot pink crayon - but really, who can blame me for that).  Since I've been sick for the past week and pretty much laying in bed surrounded by the fabulously green walls of our bedroom I've had green on my mind even more than usual.  Then yesterday when I realized the Suzannah dress below, which I've been crushing on since I first saw it in navy, now comes in green I knew I needed to do a green post!

{1}Chic Shop Medium Malachite Bowl {2}TOPSHOP Bracket Ring {3}Elva Fields A Tree Grows Necklace {4}Current/Elliott Skinny Jeans {5}Vivre Small Agate Plates {6}ASOS Suede Pump {7}Mulberry Taylor Oversized Leather Satchel {8}Aqsa Emerald Green Necklace {9}Vivre Green Onyx Hinged Cuff {10}Chic Shop Emerald Eyes Finial {11}Chic Shop Peace Frog Finial {12}Anthropologie Hard Candy Knob {13}Lilly Pulitzer Picture Frame {14}Suzannah Green Silk Bon Bon Dress {15}Furbish Malachite Jewelry Box {16}Anthropologie Envious Ring

Ok - one more (somewhat embarrassing) reason I've been feeling the need for some more green.  The other day Nicholas and I were in Bed, Bath and Beyond looking for closet organization stuff and I found these baskets that would be perfect.  They only came in green or purple and for some reason I really liked the purple better.  Hubs noticed my hesitation and commented:

Nicholas:  You feel like you're cheating on green by choosing the purple, don't you?
Me:  Yes!
Nicholas:  It's an ugly green and won't look good in our room.  You should get the purple.

It was actually an okay green and we both knew it, but I love him for playing along with my craziness!

Blue Suede Shoes

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I have so many things on my to-blog list that I can't believe it's taken me until Wednesday to get up a post.  I flew to Florida on Thursday to spend a long weekend in Orlando with my parents and sister (who flew in from NYC).  It was so good to be back in Florida, but when I got back apparently I felt I had done enough relaxing and needed a project because Monday night I hatched a plan to move my shoe closet from our bedroom to the pink room.  That plan quickly expanded to me not only moving my shoe closet, but also moving all my clothes into both closets in our bedroom and moving hubs stuff into the wardrobe that formerly housed my tops, sweaters, and dresses.  Basically I decided to relocate every item in each of our three closets and wardrobe to another one.  I think the result will actually be much better when it's finished, but right now things are a little crazy.

Spending time on flights and in the airport over the weekend gave me tons of time to look through all my favorite magazines and as I was browsing several pairs of blue suede heels caught my eye.  I am completely OBSESSED with those Louboutins (#3).  I'm not usually crazy about suede heels because I hate not being able to wear them when it rains/snows.  (Yes, I realize snow usually means you should be in boots, but sometimes I just don't feel like wearing appropriate footwear).  However, I think I may have to go against my normal suede feelings and purchase a pair of blue suede heels for fall.

{1}ASOS Pump It Pump Suede Platform Pump {2}Christian Louboutin Lisse 100 Suede Ankle Boots {3}Christian Louboutin Lavalliere Grosgrain-Trim Pump {4}Pour La Victoire Irina Platform Pump {5}Bruno Magli Dhalia Open-Toe Pump {6}Charles by Charles David Pompadour Pump {7}ALDO Hipp Pumps {8}Alexander McQueen Punk Skull Peep Toe Pump {9}Jessica Simpson Landy Platform Pump

On a side note - look at all the colors options you can choose from for those Pour La Victoire pumps (not all of them suede)!

Anyone else loving blue suede heels right now?

Current Obsession: Gallery Walls

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Y'all know I've been snazzing up our living room for awhile now.  It's taking me forever to finish this little project because I started it with basically no planning or idea of what I wanted to do. I definitely knew I wanted to redo the art and as I was searching for inspirations I started noticing gallery walls.  I am obsessed!  (Side note - this coming across something I love and having it quickly become my obsession of the moment seems to be a recurring theme.  Not sure what that says about me...except maybe that impulse control is not my strong suit).  Luckily hubs is pretty much fine with anything I do to our home.  I mean seriously - I have an entire room painted Princess Pink (granted he doesn't spend too much time in there).

Anyways...I'm thinking I might want to do a gallery wall in our living room.  There are so many fabulous pictures I've found to inspire me I might just have to try it.

via flickr

What do y'all think of gallery walls?  Does anyone have one in their home?

Fall in full COLOR

Monday, August 1, 2011

I am crazy about J. Crew's new arrivals for fall!  Finally some color!  The past several fall seasons have seemed to be seriously lacking in the color department (thank goodness for Lilly Pulitzer and an abundance of hues no matter the season).  While I do love to wear black on black outfit when the mood strikes, I usually need my outfits to be full of color.  When I came across J. Crew's fall arrivals I felt like jumping up and down and screaming in delight (unfortunately I was at work at the time and imagine that would have been frowned upon).

Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel | Hacking Jacket in Herringbone | No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool | New Cafe Capri in Wool | Mini Pant in Stretch Twill | Sash Skirt | Mona Pumps in Satin, Leather, and Suede

Anyone else thrilled for these fabulous fall colors?

Chevron Crazed

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Since deciding that our coffee table needed some serious snazzing up (here) I came to the conclusion that maybe I should give the rest of the living room a mini facelift, too.  I have a huge slight tendency to go overboard with tons of patterns and bright colors and since I had already painted a chevron pattern on our coffee table tray I decided to carry that into a few other places in the room.  (My thought being that if I at least stuck with the same pattern and didn't overdo it I would satisfy my need for lots of color without making our living room look like a rainbow came in and vomited.)  Well, then I started looking online at chevron striped interiors and it quickly became my obsession of the moment!

{1}Emilia Ceramics Blue Zig Zag Tibor {2}Plantation Ribbon Porcelain Box {3}Mmim Mondovi Ikat Frame {4}Joanna Goss {5}witandwhistle Technicolor Jotter {6}PlumStreetPrints Cursive Chevron Iphone Case {7}Furbish Chevron Frames {8}Beklina Virginia Johnson Sack Luggage {9}Jonathan Adler Crystal Coaster {10}Plantation Ribbon Porcelain Boxes {11}vidastyle Chevron Ikat Silk Cushion Cover {12}via the decorista {13}a03designs yellow bridesmaids clutch {14}Jill Rosenwald Buckley Chevron Lamp

I am still working on redoing the art in our living room, but I'll put up pictures when I'm finished!

Has anyone else used chevron to decorate their home?

Fun Friday

Friday, July 15, 2011

Does anyone else remember having Fun Friday in Elementary school? I wish it was still okay for me to do no work and play games all day on Friday.  I am so distracted today (ok, I've been distracted all week) because Nicholas is finally finished with his away rotation and is coming home from North Carolina tonight!  I am willing the day to go by quickly, but so far it's decided to drag.  Anyways, since I can't seem to focus on anything I decided to share some humor from my Sarcasm and Wit board on Pinterest and a funny conversation I had the other day with a little boy who lives on our street.

 *Just a note because I feel a little weird about putting the word sh*t on my blog (is that uptight of me?).  I hope no one is offended by the one that says 'rather than sh*t I've decided to get off the pot - as an engagement announcement I think it's hilarious

While walking Mason the other evening a little boy (he's maybe 6 or 7) stopped me to have this conversation.

little boy: Do you have kids?

me: No

little boy: Do you have grandkids? (Apparently he doesn't understand how the whole children, grandchildren thing works...)

me: Ha. Not yet.

little boy: So you don't have anything?

me: My husband and I have a dog (obviously) and a cat.

little boy: Hmmm... (I guess that wasn't a good enough answer...)

I love that kids have no filter!

Style Obsession of the Day

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I came across this dress a few weeks ago and immediately fell in love.  The shape is gorgeous and the pattern gives it a vintage feel - but what totally does it for me is that stunning strip of bright blue!


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