DIY Bedroom Makeoever

Friday, May 6, 2011

Recently I decided I was bored to tears of our bedroom furniture.  Our furniture is my bedroom set from college and when I originally bought it I had a completely different decorating theme in mind.  Anyways, I decided to makeover our current furniture for a different look. 

(Poe Cat refused to let me take the picture without him...)

(This was taken in our old apartment and I just happened to have it around - I never remember to take before shots!)

My first thought was that the slats on our headboard had to go.  Since they were kind of inset in the headboard I thought it wouldn't be too difficult to make something to just fit in there to cover them.  I painted some designs that looked similar to our duvet cover on gray fabric, used foamcore to make the shape of the space I was filling, and then covered it with batting and my painted fabric.  Before attaching it to the headboard I spray painted the headboard black.

Close-ups of my painting

For the nightstands I just sanded them down and used a brush to paint them black, then put a couple coats of clear glossy varnish over the black paint.  I'm still looking for knobs and pulls I like for the nightstands, but in the meantime I painted the ones already there silver.

My next task was the lamps.  I took everything off the lampshade frames and recovered them with turquoise fabric.  I had NO idea what I was doing, but I decided to wing it and somehow it worked out...

Before and After

For a final touch on the bed I bought plain cream colored pillow shams and used fabric paint once again to paint our last initial on them.  When I was finished with everything I still felt like it was missing above the bed.  I love cameos and thought that would be fun with the vintage feel of our doily printed duvet.  I found some pictures with profile views of me and hubs, along with a couple pictures of the Furs and using the pen tool in illustrator traced around our profiles.  Then I printed the outlines and used them as a guide to make the actual paintings.

I had a very specific idea in mind for picture frames and had a time trying to find what I was wanted.  After a couple weeks of fruitless searching I decided the only option was to figure out a way to make them myself.  I headed to Michaels and came up with my plan.  I used sheets of black craft foam to cut out the frame and then painted them using a coat of black paint and several glossy coats of varnish to achieve the look I wanted.

They're not perfect, but I have to say I felt like tooting my own horn after finishing this one.  I have such an obsession with diy/art projects that all I could think when I was done is...what should I makeover next?

Anyone else love diy?  Where do you get inspirations?


  1. Holy cow! You are an amazing artist! I am so very impressed with each and everything you did! I love the cameos and the painting on the headboard is phenomenal! The room looks great, way to go! :)

  2. Fabulous!!! Great job! I love the frames for the cameos!

  3. This is ASTOUNDING! I'm blown away! Please help me with some inspiration and tutorials! I'm hopeless when it comes to this stuff!

  4. Those silhouettes are darling! If you get a chance, check out my post today, we're doing a novel release party about the release of my first book! I'd love to have you stop by and be a part of the party! Have a fabulous Fashion Friday love! Kori xoxo

  5. Wow you really did an incredible job. I am so impressed! Seriously you have such a knack for it... Awesome!

  6. I absolutely love the prints above the bed, Emily! Everything looks beautiful!!

  7. Wow - you are ridiculously talented. Everything looks amazing!

  8. This is so impressive! It looks amazing :)

  9. Wow, you did a great job. I love the headboard. Check World Market for knobs, they have a ton & lots of colors for a reasonable price.

  10. You are an amazing artist!! It is absolutely beautiful. Where did you get your bedding? I'm looking for a pretty grey...

  11. So, your picking up fast. All the best for your future endeavours!
    Hunter Douglas



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