Orange Crush

Friday, May 20, 2011

Lately I have been crushing on orange. It's not a color I really ever consider wearing or decorating with - in fact I probably haven't worn anything orange since my high school cheerleading uniform - but ever since the Kate Spade May color of the month email I've found myself taking notice of things in this warm, bright hue. Being an FSU alum I have a bit of an aversion to orange (as it is so often paired with blue) and I refuse to wear anything that could be considered Gator colors. Even still I am finding myself drawn to adding little pops of orange in decorating/accessorizing.

{1} Furbish Orange Capiz Lotus {2} Asos Oversized Floppy Straw Hat {3} Jonathan Adler Enamel Curve Frame {4} Furbish Zebra Bracelet {5} Tinley Road Coral Flower Stud Earrings {6} Isharya Bangles {7} Kate Spade Shady Side Magazine Tote {8} Oly Bubble Vases {9} Furbish Coral Bead Starfish Earrings {10} Jonathan Adler Lacquer Hexagon Tray

 This dress makes me want to love orange.  Those sleeves!!


  1. orange and blue were my university's colors as well. i never liked orange, but i might have to reconsider!

  2. This color is so hot this season! I've been seeing orange everywhere. I usually don't like orange too much either, but with all the cute stuff that's coming out I'm starting to change my mind. I love the assortment of things you put together!

  3. Okay, you win. I love orange now too! ;)

  4. That dress--oh la la! Adore it! ;)

  5. can you tell me what that dress is? or where to get it?



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