I Need Coffee Table Advice!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I need opinions/advice!  Lately I've been trying to add a bit more style to our living room (I like what I have going on in there, but it still feels a little unfinished).  One place that glares at me and screams boring every time I look at the room is our coffee table.  It's an empty canvas with absolutely nothing on it right now (except for a certain black cat).  I want to give it some style, but don't want it to look cluttered.

images via {1}Lonny {2}Strikes our Fancy (Matchbook Mag on Tumblr) {3}Everything Fabulous {4}Lonny {5}Mackenzie Pages {6}blue hydrangea {7}IKEA Hackers {8}House Beautiful

I think using a decorative tray on the table seems like a good start. (Although then I have to come up with something to put on it). I have a white tray that I bought for some unknown reason at Target a couple years ago.  So far I've painted yellow chevron stripes inside, but I'm thinking about painting the outside yellow.  I can't decide if it still feels too boring with the outside white or if painting the outside yellow would look obnoxious.  Or maybe I should find another (quieter) accent color for the outside.  Thoughts?

I never really considered putting anything with too much height on it (tall vase, picture frame, etc.) but I've seen several pictures with these that I like.

I've got to come up with something, otherwise the Poe Cat will remain our only coffee table decoration...and although I happen to think he's pretty adorable - he doesn't add too much in the way of style or color to the room.

What do you keep on your coffee table?


  1. I really like the tray you painted. You could paint the outside yellow and that would be your big pop in the room. You have great inspiration you've found though!

    I have a stack of about 10 Coastal Living magazines on mine with a crab bowl beside it and on the other side, I have three candlesticks and also some linen coasters!

  2. I like the tray and the fact that you went with a bright color. Unfortunately, I'm not very good in the home decorating department. If it were me, I'd throw a couple of candles in there and call it done, but that's not very creative.

    Poe cat is too stinking cute!

  3. I have a shadowbox style coffee table, so I don't keep anything on top of it. When I had a different coffee table, I had a few coffee table books (Lilly, Audrey, Paris, etc.) and a candle. I always love the items on top of coffee tables on the pottery barn website. Love the yellow! :)

  4. Lovin' the coffee table shots!

  5. Maybe you could just make the Poe cat a yellow sweater and plop him down on the tray?



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