Fun Friday

Friday, July 15, 2011

Does anyone else remember having Fun Friday in Elementary school? I wish it was still okay for me to do no work and play games all day on Friday.  I am so distracted today (ok, I've been distracted all week) because Nicholas is finally finished with his away rotation and is coming home from North Carolina tonight!  I am willing the day to go by quickly, but so far it's decided to drag.  Anyways, since I can't seem to focus on anything I decided to share some humor from my Sarcasm and Wit board on Pinterest and a funny conversation I had the other day with a little boy who lives on our street.

 *Just a note because I feel a little weird about putting the word sh*t on my blog (is that uptight of me?).  I hope no one is offended by the one that says 'rather than sh*t I've decided to get off the pot - as an engagement announcement I think it's hilarious

While walking Mason the other evening a little boy (he's maybe 6 or 7) stopped me to have this conversation.

little boy: Do you have kids?

me: No

little boy: Do you have grandkids? (Apparently he doesn't understand how the whole children, grandchildren thing works...)

me: Ha. Not yet.

little boy: So you don't have anything?

me: My husband and I have a dog (obviously) and a cat.

little boy: Hmmm... (I guess that wasn't a good enough answer...)

I love that kids have no filter!


  1. We had fun friday today for the swim team I coach. We went down the slide, played water polo, and did the diving boards. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. LOVE the Diet Coke one! I'll definitely be taking chemicals over calories every day for the rest of my life. Have a fabulous fun Friday!

  3. Ha, they totally don't. I took two of our dogs (2 of 3) and our cat to the vet last night, and these two girls were fascinated by my clan. "Oooh she has lots of pets - two dogs and a cat! I thought cats and dogs didn't get along!"

  4. This post had me dying laughing! Great post!

  5. I love those posters--the typewritten letters are hilarious! such a cute idea!


  6. Mark me as NOT offended but instead highly amused. This is totally my speed ;) Sarcasm, wit, lack of filter, love it, haha



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