Current Obsession: Gallery Walls

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Y'all know I've been snazzing up our living room for awhile now.  It's taking me forever to finish this little project because I started it with basically no planning or idea of what I wanted to do. I definitely knew I wanted to redo the art and as I was searching for inspirations I started noticing gallery walls.  I am obsessed!  (Side note - this coming across something I love and having it quickly become my obsession of the moment seems to be a recurring theme.  Not sure what that says about me...except maybe that impulse control is not my strong suit).  Luckily hubs is pretty much fine with anything I do to our home.  I mean seriously - I have an entire room painted Princess Pink (granted he doesn't spend too much time in there).

Anyways...I'm thinking I might want to do a gallery wall in our living room.  There are so many fabulous pictures I've found to inspire me I might just have to try it.

via flickr

What do y'all think of gallery walls?  Does anyone have one in their home?


  1. Love these! Especially the first with all that pink!

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  2. Those are all super cute. Don't you just love Pinterest?

    One of my friends has a wall of all different sizes of black and white photos of family only. They are framed in only plain black frames. It literally takes up their entire wall and it looks AWESOME!

  3. I luh-ove gallery walls. I have done it (or started) here:

    But I ran into problems when my husband decided that he didn't like all the clutter. Pish posh, right? :)

  4. Hey girl! I've done a gallery wall in my bedroom with black and white photos, but different frames. I would just make sure you have a level and ruler so everything is spread out evenly.

  5. Honestly I find some of it to look cluttered and busy. However, with a color scheme and a correct use of space between frames and furniture, I think it can look fabulous!

  6. I'm also into stylish colorful gallery walls, love all of your picks! But I guess I knew the photos would be lovely - visiting via BonBonRose girls!

  7. I love gallery walls but I haven't done one yet. I have trouble settling on a color palette.



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