Glorious Green

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Green has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember.  (With the slight exception of a period in kindergarten when I would only color with the hot pink crayon - but really, who can blame me for that).  Since I've been sick for the past week and pretty much laying in bed surrounded by the fabulously green walls of our bedroom I've had green on my mind even more than usual.  Then yesterday when I realized the Suzannah dress below, which I've been crushing on since I first saw it in navy, now comes in green I knew I needed to do a green post!

{1}Chic Shop Medium Malachite Bowl {2}TOPSHOP Bracket Ring {3}Elva Fields A Tree Grows Necklace {4}Current/Elliott Skinny Jeans {5}Vivre Small Agate Plates {6}ASOS Suede Pump {7}Mulberry Taylor Oversized Leather Satchel {8}Aqsa Emerald Green Necklace {9}Vivre Green Onyx Hinged Cuff {10}Chic Shop Emerald Eyes Finial {11}Chic Shop Peace Frog Finial {12}Anthropologie Hard Candy Knob {13}Lilly Pulitzer Picture Frame {14}Suzannah Green Silk Bon Bon Dress {15}Furbish Malachite Jewelry Box {16}Anthropologie Envious Ring

Ok - one more (somewhat embarrassing) reason I've been feeling the need for some more green.  The other day Nicholas and I were in Bed, Bath and Beyond looking for closet organization stuff and I found these baskets that would be perfect.  They only came in green or purple and for some reason I really liked the purple better.  Hubs noticed my hesitation and commented:

Nicholas:  You feel like you're cheating on green by choosing the purple, don't you?
Me:  Yes!
Nicholas:  It's an ugly green and won't look good in our room.  You should get the purple.

It was actually an okay green and we both knew it, but I love him for playing along with my craziness!


  1. Don't you love husbands that play along with our madness? :)

    I am pretty sure green and I have a love-affair going on. I have to practically will myself to wear other colors right now and every morning I wake up thinking about wearing something green. :)

  2. I am absolutely loving green right now! Loving your green inspiration. Looks like we were thinking the same today!


  3. What a wonderful husband! :)

    I love green and absolutely adore the malachite pieces. Hope you feel better soon.



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