An Enchanted Halloween

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!  I must admit this is not my favorite holiday.  I don't like scary and/or gross things (aka food shaped like gory versions of body parts or bugs) and I'm not crazy about the usual orange and black hues.  (Or maybe I just wish I wasn't way too old to trick-or-treat).  I do however adore the idea of an enchanted Halloween celebration with a more gothic purple and black color scheme.  I would love to have a Halloween masquerade party and decorate with this theme.

{1}Georgian Bracelets {2}Purple Baroque Charger {3}Phantom Candelabra {4}Swirly Leather Mask from Tom Banwell Designs {5}Metallic Skull {6}Round Pillar Candles {7}Angelique Mirror {8}Seductive Swan Cocktail {9}Juliska Cameron Black Decanter {10}Puccini Glassware Collection

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween!

High Heeled Pick of the Week

Friday, October 28, 2011

With a blog name like Not Without Heels and my obvious addiction to shoes (case in point - my shoe closet) it really seems like a shame I don't feature more posts about heels.  So - I'm adding a much needed dose of shoes to my blog with a new feature called the High Heeled Pick of the Week every Friday.

These Dior ankle boots are fabulous and seemed perfect for my first pick!  I love ankle boots for fall when the weather isn't quite cold enough that I'm hiding in my Uggs yet, but I still want to wear shoes that feel like cold weather is coming.  I had such fun choosing this week's pick - I can't wait for next Friday!

On another shoe lover related note: Pour La Victoire's sample sale is up on their website right now.

And Suddenly It Was Autumn

Monday, October 17, 2011

After some rather dreary weather last week we had a stunning, sunny weekend here.  On Saturday I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and do some art journaling outside on our back porch.  When I walked out and caught a look at our beautiful backyard I was somewhat stunned to find myself surrounded by all the wonderful fall colors.  I'm not sure if I've just been living under a rock or haven't taken notice because of the less than ideal weather of last week, but the arrival of autumn seemed to happen overnight!

Autumn has always been my favorite season and it's one of the best things about living in Virginia.  It's so breathtakingly beautiful I just want to snuggle up in plaid and lay outside to take in the colors!

Tartan Slims, Anthropologie | Penfield Kuffman Plaid Flannel, Madewell | Favorite Plaid Shirt, American Eagle | Precisely Plaid-matic Skirt, ModCloth

Other images via Pinterest, last photo via firstlightphoto on Etsy

Anyone else so excited for fall that they feel like jumping up and down screaming like an overly excited kid in a candy store (or me in Dylan's candy bar)?

Lady in Red

Friday, October 7, 2011

My latest color crush this fall is red.  I'm usually much more of a pink girl, but lately I keep finding myself drawn to bright, rich red hues.  It must have something to do with autumn because one of my favorite purchases from last fall (or two fall's ago?) was my bright red J. Crew lady day coat.  This fall I'm definitely on the hunt for bright red pants!

{1}MANGO Suit Jacket {2}blanknyc skinny jeans {3}Kate Spade Walker Park Tate {4}Essie Really Red {5}Linea Pelle Collection Sliced Cuff with Sliders {6}Gap Suede Bow Pumps {7}Nine West Flashup Pumps {8}ModCloth Highs and Bows Ring {9}Elva Fields Stop For Style necklace {10}People Tree Ashley Shift Dress {11}all Vogue covers from the Conde Nast store

My only issue with my color obsession du jour is that I can't pair it with green (well, at least not without running the risk of looking like a Christmas tree).  Any other pink lovers finding themselves drawn to red  right now?

Fashion Week - Finally!

Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm finally putting up a post about my fashion week adventures in NYC!  Besides lots of fun shopping, eating, and spending time with my sister and her roommates here are some of the highlights.  On Thursday night we went to Joe's Jeans in SoHo for Fashion's Night Out.  The streets were so crowded with people it kind of reminded me of being on Burbon Street (I guess because it was so packed - oh and maybe the ridiculous amount of overly drunk people at 9pm).  I usually tend to buy either Paige, J Brand, or Citizens, but after standing by the colored denim wall at Joe's Jeans I think I now want just about every color they have!

We went to see Vanity Fair's Fashion in Film presentation of X, Y, and Zee (with Michael Caine and Elizabeth Taylor) at the Museum of Arts and Design on Saturday.  The movie was a little crazy, but Elizabeth Taylor's outfits were tons of fun!  Has anyone else seen this movie?

The Lela Rose show was on Sunday morning.  Seeing how we don't get too many fashion shows here in Virginia - this was my first one.  It was amazing!  While playing my sister's shadow before the show I got to look at all the outfits hanging backstage ready for the models to wear.  It was great to meet all the people she works with too.  Everyone was so friendly and welcoming - which I've got to say was pretty impressive since I imagine fashion week (especially the morning of their show) is not the calmest, low-stress time.

On a side note - I have got to get back on some sort of blogging schedule!  Since I got out of the habit I'm having the hardest time getting regular posts up and I really miss blogging when I don't get a chance to do it.  Does anyone have any good tips for a blogging schedule or keeping up with posting regularly?


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