High Heeled Pick of the Week

Friday, October 28, 2011

With a blog name like Not Without Heels and my obvious addiction to shoes (case in point - my shoe closet) it really seems like a shame I don't feature more posts about heels.  So - I'm adding a much needed dose of shoes to my blog with a new feature called the High Heeled Pick of the Week every Friday.

These Dior ankle boots are fabulous and seemed perfect for my first pick!  I love ankle boots for fall when the weather isn't quite cold enough that I'm hiding in my Uggs yet, but I still want to wear shoes that feel like cold weather is coming.  I had such fun choosing this week's pick - I can't wait for next Friday!

On another shoe lover related note: Pour La Victoire's sample sale is up on their website right now.


  1. Wonderful heel shoos.These shoos help to enhance the beauty of legs.There are many styles of high heels comes in the market but it look so unique and stylish.

  2. That black Dior high heels are to-die-for! It could rock any outfit perfectly. I wish I wouldn't fall off once I wear such killer heels though.

    clarks shoes

  3. I like this shoes because has full arch support even though it's heels are supper high. These are the types of shoes my my foot doctor advise me to wear.



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