Lady in Red

Friday, October 7, 2011

My latest color crush this fall is red.  I'm usually much more of a pink girl, but lately I keep finding myself drawn to bright, rich red hues.  It must have something to do with autumn because one of my favorite purchases from last fall (or two fall's ago?) was my bright red J. Crew lady day coat.  This fall I'm definitely on the hunt for bright red pants!

{1}MANGO Suit Jacket {2}blanknyc skinny jeans {3}Kate Spade Walker Park Tate {4}Essie Really Red {5}Linea Pelle Collection Sliced Cuff with Sliders {6}Gap Suede Bow Pumps {7}Nine West Flashup Pumps {8}ModCloth Highs and Bows Ring {9}Elva Fields Stop For Style necklace {10}People Tree Ashley Shift Dress {11}all Vogue covers from the Conde Nast store

My only issue with my color obsession du jour is that I can't pair it with green (well, at least not without running the risk of looking like a Christmas tree).  Any other pink lovers finding themselves drawn to red  right now?


  1. *I am loving red right now too!! Look at that dress, amazing!!!

  2. I too love red, especially with leopard! Great picks today! Your post is perfect for my Fashion Friday linkup honey! If you want to get some traffic to your blog and link up with me, head over, grab the button, follow instructions (add button--edit and republish your post with it) and make some new friends! It's that simple!

    While you're there, enter my 2 year blogoversary giveaway if you haven't already! Have a fabulous day!

    Kori xoxo

  3. I'm hunting for the perfect pair of red high heels. I had a pair a couple years ago that I loved and finding a pair that comes close to being as wonderful is hard work!

  4. I am way in love with a red Limited coat my cousin gave me last winter. It's a little itchy around the collar, but perfect for Fall weather. Especially in the morning coolness.



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