Chicago Bound + Pick of the Week

Friday, November 4, 2011

Hubs and I are headed to Chicago this evening so he can attend his first residency interview tomorrow!!  I cannot believe he is nearly finished with med school and unless he ends up here for residency we will be leaving Virginia this summer.

For this week's High Heeled pick I chose these fabulous pink and nude pumps from Red Valentino.  According to Net-a-Porter, Red stands for Romantic Eccentric Dress (which is fabulous), as well as being their trademark color.  I would like to claim that I searched around for this to go with my pick, but in reality I just spend a lot of time perusing and lusting over various items on their site and randomly happened upon this fun fact.

I love all the little details on these shoes.  The pink scalloped edges are fabulous and I am a sucker for heels with bows.  The pink hue is wonderful, too.  It looks like honeysuckle (Pantone's color of the year).  I'm just so glad to finally see a pink out in the fall that isn't magenta.  I hated that for the past couple years it seemed like that was the only option available.


  1. Oh my, these are just gorgeous!!
    Hope you have a splendid time in Chicago, good luck to you hubs!!

  2. Good luck on the interview! My fiancé just had his first residency interview yesterday.

  3. Pack some warm clothes, it's already cold here! And good luck!

    Love those shoes too!

  4. Those are gorgeous!!!! Good luck with the interviews. That's such an exciting time. Here's to new adventures!

  5. I adore those shoes. I'm sure you'll look amazing. I love Chicago. What kind of residency is husband doing?



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